Biped Anthropometric Robotic Leg

The spirit that aims the present work is to investigate upon the walking ability of legged machines pneumatically actuated, with particular reference to biped machines. In particular, a complete medium height human inspired robotic biped has been designed and realized within the laboratories of the robotics department at the University of Catania. The mechanical structure of each leg is made up of four links, corresponding to the pelvis, thighbone, shinbone and foot respectively, jointed by three joints and five degrees of freedom (Dof). In particular the knee joint is moved by one rotational Dof, whereas the ankle and the hip joints, are realized through an universal joint implementing the pitch and the roll Dof for each articulation. As it is possible to see, the whole structure is very compact and reflects the typical anthropometric mass distribution of the human beings. The link dimensions are also human inspired, so the femur is 40 cm long whether the tibia is 35 cm long. Thus, the whole structure is about 110 cm high from the ground, for a total weight of about 12 Kg for each leg.

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