Argomenti per Tesi

Master degree in Automation Engineering and Control of Complex Systems

Thesis with stage in companies

  • TEORESI (Torino, Catania) Model based design for automotive applications

  • STmicroelectronics (Catania)

  • Meridionale Impianti (Catania)

  • LNS-INFN (Catania)

  • INGV (Catania)

  • Etnamatica (Catania)

Other possibilities in:

  • Thesis with ERASMUS fellowships (please consult the calls)

  • Hertfordshire University (Hatfield, UK) : Stereoscopic visualization and augmented reality for telerobotics

Thesis within the robotic laboratory in Catania

  • Tethered drones

  • Traversability analysis for field robots

  • UAV-UGV cooperative control

  • UAV for agricultural applications

  • Robotic walkers for the elderly

  • Modular robotics