Maker Fair

Each October, Marymount hosts the Marymount Maker Fairwhich is a weekend community event on campus that celebrates creativity.  Unlike traditional school fairs, Maker Fairs are specifically designed to celebrate the arts, engineering, science, tinkering and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset. Students are exposed to a variety of activities including 3d printing, catapult building, and DNA extraction where you can see real DNA and learn about it's structure while building a model from licorice and mini-marshmallows. Community members are invited to share their expertise in everything from atomic force microscopes and advanced solar technology to showing participants how to use powerful telescopes or large format printers (zar plotters).  Teachers, parent volunteers and community members help facilitate various activities like making bouncy balls and kelp beads all while exposing participants to the science of polymers. Participants can choose to express their creativity while making hula hoops, programming robots, or coding. Many of the activities are built by junior high school students, which require them to adopt the creative innovator mindset first hand: like when students built a spin art machine out of an old fan.   The Maker Fair embodies the spirit of the creative design and engineering class offered to all Marymount Junior high students where they express their creativity solving problems and design innovative solutions to real world problems through 3d printing, coding and robotics.  The spirit of the event is to get every student to build their confidence that they can engineer things and that their unique creativity is valued. No prior experience is necessary and kids ages 2-100 can enjoy the various fun activities. We hope you can join us! 

 Am I a Maker?

Make Bouncy Balls

Make Silly Putty

Take Flight

 Clean Penny Chemistry

Make a Hovercraft


Write a Secret Spy Message

 Tie Dye Milk