John Baylor Test Prep

On-line John Baylor ACT Test Prep is available to all Conestoga students at no charge. This series of on-line videos and support materials can be used any time of the day whenever and wherever students have Internet access. The videos can be viewed on the school-issued device.

John Baylor Test Prep has been helping students to raise their ACT scores for over two decades. Conestoga offers this test prep to students free of charge. Freshmen through seniors have had a log in created for them. There username is there school issued email. Most commonly it will be their graduation year, first initial, last name Example: The default password will be conestoga (all lowercase) followed by their lunch ID. Example conestoga5115. If a student is new or having trouble logging in, they can come see Mrs. Kreifels.

Once the students have a log-in they can watch tutorials, take practice test, etc., to better prepare them for the ACT. Students are automatically signed up for ACT Fundamentals and ACT Prep. If a student is interested in seeing what other materials may be available, they can visit with Mrs. Kreifels.

John Baylor Test Prep: On to College