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3: Civil Rights & Civil Liberties

Online Lessons
UC Open Access - Incorporation (32)
UC Open Access - The Establishment Clause (33)
UC Open Access - The Free Exercise Clause (34)
UC Open Access - Freedom of Speech (35)
UC Open Access - Freedom of the Press (36)
UC Open Access - The Fourth Amendment (37)
UC Open Access - Due Process and Criminal Rights (38)
UC Open Access - Civil War Amendments and the Civil Rights Movement (39)


The Daily Show: Correspondents Explain the 1st Amendment
The Daily Show: Correspondents Explain the 2nd Amendment
The Daily Show: Correspondents Explain the 6th Amendment
The Daily Show: Judicial Review (Marbury V. Madison) and rights of police to strip search
The Daily Show: Tom Goldstein (SCOTUS Blog) on civil liberties, judicial review   part 2
Stephen Colbert: Obama administration's interpretation of due process in the War on Terrorism
The Daily Show: Voting Rights Act
The Daily Show: Stop and Frisk     part 2
The Daily Show: Race Relations in America
The Daily Show: Mississippi ratifies the 13th Amendment banning slavery... in 2013   (2)

Civil Rights
Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Case for Reparations      (the author on Colbert Report)
Article about the segregation of America's schools
New York Times article about the new post-race affirmative action in CA public universities - focuses on a former student of mine
Article about segregated proms in 2013

Civil Liberties
Jonathan Peacock,
Mar 20, 2012, 10:23 AM