Publications and Working Papers

"Price Discrimination and Mortgage Choice",  with Jamie Coen (Imperial), and Anil Kashyap (Chicago Booth)

NBER Working Paper, No. 31652, September 2023.

"Identification and Estimation of a Search Model with Heterogeneous Consumers and Firms", with Mateusz Mysliwski (NHH), Fabio Sanches (Norwegian Business School), Daniel Silva Jr (City University of London), Tang Srisuma (NUS).

Latest version: August 2023. (R&R Journal of Econometrics).

"Value of Information, Search, and Competition in the UK Mortgage Market",   with Mateusz Mysliwski (NHH).

Bank of England Staff Working Paper, No. 967, 25 March 2022.

"The Banks that Said No: The Impact of Credit Supply on Productivity and Wages",  with Jeremy Franklin (Bank of England), and Gregory Thwaites (Nottingham)

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"The Determinants of UK Credit Union Failure",  with Jamie Coen (Imperial), and Bill Francis (Bank of England)

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"Consumption Response to Aggregate Shocks and the Role of Leverage",  with Agnes Kovacs, and Philip Bunn. 

Centre for Macroeconomics, Discussion Paper , No. 2018-20.

Book Chapters

"The Role of Debt in UK Household Spending Decisions",  with Philip Bunn (Bank of England).

Book Chapter, "The UK Economy in the Long Expansion and its Aftermath",  2016, Edited by: Jagjit S. Chadha, Alec Crystal, Joe Pearlman, Peter Smith, Stephen Wright Ed., Cambridge University Press.