Sorawoot (Tang) Srisuma

     Contact information:

       National University of Singapore 

Department of Economics

1 Arts Link, Singapore 117570


University of Surrey (On leave)

      School of Economics

      Surrey, GU2 7XH       



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Research interests:

Theoretical and Applied Econometrics, Empirical Industrial Organization, Identification and Estimation in Structural Models


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        Appendix A of this paper discusses identification and moment inequality selection in Bajari, Benkard and Levin (2007), and it supersedes this note

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        An older version of this paper that contains the proof of an asymptotic equivalence can be found here

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        See this VoxDev article for a related media coverage

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A non-technical summary of this paper can be found in this VoxEU article. The codes for estimation can be found here

Working papers: