Post date: Nov 2, 2016 4:30:15 PM

Students ought to check this page regularly for updates and new files. Aquiring new vocabulary is a continuous assignment.

If you want to use an apkg-file, you need Anki, either for Windows, Mac, or Linux or for Android Phone or iPhone.

Install the program, download the apkg-file to your device, click it and it will automatically be opened in Anki.

If you want to update a deck (apkg-file), you have to delete the existing deck:

1) Go to the list of decks.

2) Long-press the deck.

3) Select "Delete deck"


Hand in (mail to Contact Me) a textfile of the "surveying words" that you need for the talk which are not in the word list. (Left column German, right column English, words are separeted by semicolons (no space!)





How to use Anki (video)

For translation you may use the Linguee App (English-German Dictionary) available for free at AppStore or GooglePlay.

Universität Rostock: Geo-Wörterbuch

BiBB: Surveying Technician: OCCUPATIONAL PROFILE

BiBB: List of training occupations within the dual system (see below)