The Mountaineer Karate Club is under the guidance of the American Karate System.    MKC is a club that emphasis family values and good citizenship through the art of Karate. The club's Head Instructor is E. Jude Gore, 7th Dan.  He is 
assisted by fellow instructors, Sandra K Gore, 3rd Dan, William Way, 2nd Dan, and John Billie, 2nd Dan. 

Classes meet on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the year at the Jewel City Church in Meadowbrook, WV and are open to all students interested in karate and the art of self-defense.

Please call 304-669-3385 if you have an interest in joining us and would like more information. Thank you for your interest in the Mountaineer Karate Club.

No Class
March 21, 2019

Class Schedule

Mondays and Thursdays
1st Class 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
2nd Class: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Jewel City Church

Check our Class Schedule & Location Page
for directions

The American Karate System is the brianchild, and dream come true, of the late Mr. Ernest H. Lieb (1940-2006), the system's founder, and 10th Degree Black Belt.  When Ernie Lieb began instilling his philosophy of karate in his students, he practiced Korean Chi Do Kwan.  Because he felt there were areas of the style which required modification to accommodate the American physiological structure and attitude, Ernie developed what is today known as the American Karate System.  It is our intent to carry on with Ernie's hopes and dreams for the American Karate System.
                                                                                                 Michael Sullenger, 9th Dan
                                                                                                 Chief Instructor Emeritus, AKS

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