November 8, 2012

Post date: Nov 09, 2012 8:45:24 PM


Here's the scoop from the meeting this evening...

Michelle, Elisa, Lori, Danielle, Megan, Jessica, Jennifer and Kristen were at NaNa's Kitchen, along with guest speaker Cliff Lentz (Mayor).

Cliff spoke to the group about a variety of city services and initiatives including the economic development subcommittee, the Sierra Point development project, the school district survey, and ideas related to the teen center. Cliff reminded us that all subcommittee meetings are open to the public, and you can find the meeting calendar on the city website ( - go to the City Government section and look under "All Meetings"). If you'd like more specifics on any of these topics please feel free to reach out to the board members who attended.

Upcoming Events (see MOB calendar for updates):

11/14 - Playground build day (if you want to bring some food or snacks to the park for the workers it would be appreciated!)

11/15 - Nail Night, 7-9pm (again, snacks and drinks welcome)

11/28 - MOB Bingo Night, Community Center (more info to come, but I am so excited!!!)

12/5 - MOB Hike, Laurelwood Park, San Mateo, 10am-1pm (more info to come)

1/13 - Food Bank Volunteer Event (more info to come)

Other Agenda Items:

    • Monday Baby Playgroup is cancelled going forward

    • Considering planning a regular Wednesday activity. The hike on 12/5 is the first of these. This will be formalized over the next month or two.

    • Danielle is looking into having a trainer come and give a workshop for MOB members on core workouts. Date/time TBD.

    • Teen Center project is moving along. Next step is a field trip to "Vibe" down in Foster City. See Jessica if you'd like to get involved.

    • Skate Park project also moving along. Looking at grant applications. See Elisa if you'd like to get involved.

    • City Mural project also underway. Working with Chamber to create a non-profit organization to manage the project funds. Mural tour was productive. Considering a community outreach event that would include a muralist and/or documentary about the economic benefits of murals. See Lori if you'd like to get involved.

    • 2012/2013 board members were all unanimously approved by the recent membership survey.

If you have any questions or would like to add something I've missed, please jump in. Have a great night!

Kristen Hayer

MOB Secretary & Olivia's Mom