Help Our Schools

Brisbane is home to wonderful local schools. There are many ways that the community can help these schools thrive--especially in these difficult economic times and successive reductions in state and federal funding.

  1. Silverspot Cooperative Nursery School (a non-profit, parent-run, play-based preschool in Brisbane)
  2. Parks and Rec Preschool (located @ Brisbane Elementary)

Brisbane School District

  1. Brisbane Elementary School (Brisbane)
  2. Panorama Elementary School (Southern Hills, Daly City)
  3. Lipman Middle School (Brisbane)

Ways to Help:

(If you have questions or have other items to add to this list, please email  Michelle Woodruff at
  • Drop any of the following off at BES's front office (entrance across from upper field) and they will earn money for each one AND you feel good about not adding to the landfill:
    • Used print cartridges
    • Old cell phones
    • Scotch tape dispensers
    • Box Tops

  • Download the toolbar so that every time you end up at website that offers a donation to BES or Lipman, you can activate the donation.

  • Get a Target credit card, select your school of choice and use it every time you shop at Target.
    The school will get 1% of all purchases.
  • -- The most effortless way to give free money to schools ever. All you do is sign up and put in all credit cards that you use. If you happen to shop or eat at a participating store/eatery, then a percentage of your purchase automatically goes to the school you signed up with.

  • Save Your "Fresh & Easy" Receipts and drop to Silverspot.  The school will get $1 for every $20 spent. There is a Fresh and Easy on Silver Avenue in SF (Excelsior) and 3rd Street (Bayview). Additionally, if we make $500 or more, we get a $50 bonus. We will also be signed up for a Family Shopping Night during which we get 5% t that night's total sales (with receipts). We could stand to make as much as $5,000 with this program without a single family shelling out a dime. Win-win, right? Now start collecting those receipts!

  • Save your recyclable bottles, cans, jars, etc. and drop them off at the Ace Hardware in Brisbane. Did you know that Brisbane Elementary School District made $10,000 last year?! They think they could have doubled it if they had more participation and more volunteers to help sort. If you can help sort, please contact one of the MOB Board members.

  • Visit to see lists of teachers' and schools' current needs.

  • Shop at Rainbow Grocery Store? Buy a scrip card from Silverspot.
    After buying the card from Silverspot, it can then be used to shop at Rainbow. They have cards at a $50 value; value can then be added to the card at Rainbow when you shop. When a family buys a card they get the full value of the card without paying an additional charge, and Silverspot gets 10% of  all purchases. Families may want to consider purchasing two cards, if more than one member of the family shops at Rainbow.