What is the MOB?

The MOB is a, 501 (c)(3), non-profit parents’ club and welcoming community of support for parents of young children in Brisbane, California, and surrounding communities. We are single, partnered, married, gay, straight, working, stay-at-home, and self-employed. We come from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences – but through it all, we are families.

New Brisbane Community Park playground under construction, Fall 2012

Formed in summer 2005, the MOB is a place where families come together to make friends, learn about community resources, hold fun family events, arrange playgroups and childcare, share information and support, and generally have a good time together. Sign up below to join – we have no geographical restrictions, and membership is free!

The MOB currently has over 300 members, and an active nine-member Board of Directors. Although most of our programs and activities are geared toward children under five, our members are very interested in our schools and things that impact our school-aged children. Mommies-to-be are also welcome to join - we offer meals, home visits, and other support for new moms.

When do you meet?

We don't have regular meetings, but there are lots of opportunities to get together: Nail Nights, Friday Playgym, New Playground Explorations, and other outings and events.

Here's what's coming up this week:

Join Us! Contact the MOB Board (MOBBoardComms@gmail.com) to join. Membership is free!