Monarto Black Powder & Shooting club was formed by a group of SSAA (South Australia) members who were keen competitive black powder shooters.
The initial and most important reason for forming this new group was because of the distances required for National and International class events.

       (we shoot pre 1900 percussion & flintlock type firearms.)

SINGLE ACTION DISCIPLINE has recently been added to our club and has been keenly followed by a section of our membership.
Costume of the era is mandatory and holster proficiency is needed.
Revolvers, lever action rifle and shotguns are normal firearms necessary for this particular discipline.
Each shooter shoots a sequence individually and is closely scrutinized by the range officer and at least 3 spotters (for scoring and adherence to correct procedure) this makes for an extremely safe shooting event for any age group. Firearms are only loaded at a specific loading table and after the shooter has finished competing the firearms are checked at the unloading table before leaving the firing line. The events are timed.

SASA rules are followed and participation in inter-club / inter-association events are encouraged - making for a unified shooting discipline.
Aliases are chosen by each shooter and they are addressed as such during events and social occasions.
Often these aliases are from well known western films or stories or are made up to provide a connection with the individual.

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The SSAA (South Australia) Inc State range at the Monarto Shooting complex was available and the SSAA encouraged us to form a new club based at this facility.
  • This initiative has proved most successful for both the shooting group and the SSAA (SA) State range, as our members are willing workers for all sorts of tasks.
  • We have worked hard with the assistance of the Management of SSAA (SA) to enable our club to be provided with a clean, safe environment that conforms to all legal and competitive requirements.
  • Because our range is only "ours" when we are programmed to be there - this work has benefited all other SSAA users as well who book the range for shooting.
  • The training/function room are first class and pleasant to retreat to for meetings and meals.
 Our members have made successful journeys interstate to National Championships and have brought home numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.
Our members have improved their shooting since being a part of our group because of the expertise and patience of Phil Anderson - our respected Coach & Mentor - we thank him for his guidance.

               Usual Shoots are held now on SECOND and FOURTH weekends (all weekend) of the calendar month.
               Some members camp over the whole weekends.
               We work together to provide the Saturday night dinner (usually barbecue) and clean up after finish of the shooting weekend.
    MONARTO BLACK POWDER & SHOOTING CLUB       PO box 1129 Murray Bridge South Australia 5253