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Available Rooms:  
Please complete MSC's free online application. Resident Members have priority for room swaps at any time. Students seeking more than 6month lease have priority, followed by those who request longer in advance, yet approval by House residents is most important. We are sharing our homes and rely on each other to keep a nice one.

Vacancies:         M12 ($355),
Possible in January: M13, or later K11? (13 Mar)                    
Believed filled vacancy: K22 (27 Dec), M24, ¿ K24 ($325) ?, E26 (1/5), E22 (1/15), M23 (1/15), E33 (1/1 ?), E12 (??), K25 or L13 ( 15 Nov)   <-- If you said you wanted this room to us we may have you in mind even if you have yet to apply, but you need to apply or another applicant is welcome to take it.

In discussion:  K32 (¿Aug 2017 ?)
Other Options:            Local Co-op Housing    or   Housing by U of MN St. Paul Campus.

This is the earliest date the room may vacate, some days for repair may be desired.  Ranges given represent subleases that return to the primary membership holder once they conclude. 
Anything pending has an application in line for it, but no lease confirmed.
¿date? indicates the person leaving has yet to commit to a departure date.
date? indicates that move-out is nearly certain, but the room might not be ready precisely on the date indicated.
If you applied and see your desired room shifted into likely filled vacancy, you may be among applicants being considered.

Please tell a House Coordinator, if you are likely to be leaving within the next 2 months.
    U of M St.Paul campus students benefit most from our location.
    We particularly need members with the energy to get involved in running our coop. 
    We keep rent cheap, but it involves cooperative work and everyone must pitch in a little to make this place special.
    Until we receive the intent to vacate form, we can't know that a resident will move out when initially planned. 

As of October 1, 2012 Common Properties Management Cooperative manages MSC's financial and legal business.
Our Member Directors anticipated clearer monthly reports and assistance in crafting policies and long term plans that better reflect the aspirations of our leaders and the values of our members.  We remain diverse, and accommodating to the needs of members, yet CPMC limits abuses by a few members that chronically burdened MSC's finances and consumed both paid and volunteer management time. Our Treasurer receives receipts for messages and checks left in drop boxes, but neither CPMC nor our Treasurer will regularly accept cash payments for MSC. Members with cash can deposit it directly into our checking account at Sunrise Bank, if they provide proper notes to credit the right Member Lease.  

Thank you for patience during our transition from a single general manager to more collaborative self governance with off site administrative managerial assistance.

Editorial: The Sustainability Director believes long term plans require architects to actually solve some problems Managers have maintained. This can save us money, and improve healthy comfort. The strong preference of single people who share homes to seek a bedroom for under $320/mo, even if it is a small sleeping den continues. Without remodeling that could trigger issues given 100yr old homes that don't comply with many modern code issues, we simply cope with vacancies dominantly in more expensive rooms. Coop Members need to talk seriously about priorities and the cost of avoiding remodeling.  A balance can be defined.

YouTube Our Responsibilities

We borrow this video from an analogous cooperative in California that includes apartments in its network. MSC only offers shared homes, with private sleeping dens. We list other local coops that do offer apartments at the bottom of this page. The youtube link leads to other videos from larger coop communities that are both enlightening in their similarities to MSC and inspirational in how much more developed larger coop networks and missions have become.  We are a cooperative in a community of coops.

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Director's Meeting
March 16
1403 Cleveland Ave

Click to see April 2011 Agenda?
Someday, maybe we'll catch up to such details.
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Roles in MSC's Operations:
 Role  Purpose  
 Director Represent member interests by voting to determine decisions of MSC's BOD.  Settle disputes, set policy, and agree to contracts brought to the Board.  Attend meetings and discuss agenda topics with members.  Participate in committee meetings to draft policy and articulate plans.
Elected by Members Annually.
David, David, Dmitriy, Brian, Frank, John, Dylan, Baharan

7 members should represent all houses, and all major interest groups.
 President Facilitate BOD meetings, Set agendas, and proof-read minutes.
Coordinate needed business
Perform executive functions to clarify policy
Re-delegate as needed to get key stuff done
Remind Directors of deadlines.
Appointed by BOD David 2017
Mitesh 2015-2016
Thomas 2014
Brian 2009-2013
 Vice President Participation Chair
Educate members about cooperative roles
Lead special projects
Promote MSC
Appointed by BOD Brian 2017
John 2016
Thomas 2015
Duane, Robert, Brian or John ? 2014
Mitesh 2009-2013
 Secretary Accurately record minutes & decisions of the BOD.  Archive all MSC policy in both a permanent and an accessible form.
Notify members of meetings.
Appointed by BOD Dylan 2017
Yi 2012-2016
Treasurer Understand MSC's Budget, profits&losses, and financial balances.
Assist coordinators & members in resolving & understanding transactional matters regarding MSC. Investigate and report on MSC cash flows in ways that facilitate wise decisions.
Can expend to include:
Process rent payments, and onsite collections.
Appointed by BOD Dmitriy 2017
Frank 2016
Duane 2015
Frank 2013 & 2014
Supply Clerk
Know the supplies houses use, and their costs.
Coordinate purchase & deliveries to have sufficient supplies on hand at lowest net cost.
Adhere to purchase standards set by MSC. Certify worthy supply reimbursements, or partial reimbursements.
Find ways to make cleaning easier, cheaper, and healthier.
Appointed by BOD
John 2014-'16
Shabana 2012-'13
 L Coordinator
 E Coordinator
 M Coordinator
 K Coordinator
Coordinate House Activities
Prioritize House Needs & Desires
Help members learn their roles & resolve issues
Attest to members doing chores
Submit Maintenance & supply requests
Introduce new members to our coop.
Household elects a member.  Otherwise the BOD appoints someone.
Maintenance Services
Respond to most maintenance requests
Ensure equipment is in good repair and deliveries arrive so members can do their duties.
Keep accessible records of maintenance work, project plans, repair manuals, venders and relevant catalogs used.
Recommend cost effective ways to get stuff done.  Offer or gather bids if requested.  Manage Projects if requested.  Inform Management and Officers if budgeted time or funds will not cover costs.
Respond to emergencies, and inform officers if out of contact.
Keep an inventory of vital spare parts.
Help MSC officers retrieve archived information.
Recommend tools and supplies for member projects.  Loan equipment for member projects. 
Appointed by BOD Open for redefinition.

A combination of Maintenance Coordinator, use of CPMC Maintenance staff time, and perhaps an ongoing paid Green Construction/Architectural Consultation contract are being discussed.

The utility of spare part inventories for fridges and washers will depend on how we maintain them, and the construction debris nature of our garbage hauling contract may also become unnecessary.
Lawn Mowing Contract Provide minimal lawn mowing such that neighbors don't complain, grass survives, and residents can walk among all houses without crawling mites or ticks (path grass always <3.5", and <3" during mid Spring-Early Summer).  Inform officers if lawn exceeds 4" yet equipment is not operable.
Appointed by BOD Open for $80/month
Snow Removal Contract
Clear house exits of snow and ice for safety.
Clear parking access so users can enter and exit parking spots.

Property Manager
Ensure all MSC bills are paid on time, payments are collected, and clear procedures are followed for lease agreements and financial transactions.
  Pierce @CPMC
Administrative Assist the Treasurer and members in resolving account balances and ensuring vital people are informed of key information.
   Mia @CPMC

To those editing this site, please take care to disclose information in a fair manner.  If there are privacy concerns please openly request changes to a fair disclosure policy and remove details in a consistent rather than personal manner.  Brian feels the compensation for every role in our Cooperative should be transparent.  However this site appears to have become more public.