Mitzpe Yericho Synagogues


The  Central (Ashkenazi) synagogue is located in the center of the Yishuv. The synagogue was dedicated in 1989.

The synagogue was built with the ideal of unity, as a place of worship for all residents of Mitzpe Yericho. Therefore no set prayer nosach was established; every chazan leads the prayers in his own nosach. As the community has grown, there are a number of daily minyanim. Many Torah classes take place in the Central Synagogue, and it certainly serves as the spiritual center of the yishuv.

Many tourist groups, especially those visiting the Judean Desert, take advantage of Mitzpe Yericho's convenient location to daven in the main shul before beginning their trip.


 Sephardic Synagogue 

Yemenite Synagogue 

Kol Yehuda (Carlebach)

In Nisan 5759 (April 1999), Gary Brand and Levi Chazen established a "Happy Minyan" in Mitzpe Yericho. The Carlebach-style davening, with an emphasis on song and joy, has become an integral part of the Mitzpe Yericho Sabbath scene. The shul is called "Kol Yehuda" in loving memory of Gary's nephew, Yehuda Aryeh Brand, z"l, who died tragically at age 18.

For more information,  see the Kol Yehuda website.