2018 Midwest KM Symposium
Pollinating KM Ideas


2017 Midwest KM Symposium

Friday, May 19, 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio


2011 Symposium

September 13, 2011 Cleveland, Ohio

Midwest KM Symposium: Calling all learning and knowledge management professionals interested in learning more about business applications of learning/knowledge management! The Midwest KM Community and KM Chicago are joining forces to host a very special event. 

The symposium will be broken down into three 2-hour segments:

Segment One: Managed by Kathleen Valderrama  Contact at: Kathleen.M.Valderrama@clev.frb.org
Topics:  Organizational Development, Motivation and inspiration, People, and Cultural Insights
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Segment Two: Managed by Karla Phlypo  Contact at: karla.s.phlypo@gmail.com
Topics: Any Processes, procedures and methods used to motivate, share, acquire, transfer, reuse knowledge and learning
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Segment Three: Managed by Curtis Conley  Contact at: 
Topics:  Technology - old technology with new uses, future technologies and present day examples of successful uses of  technology insights
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