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Youth Events

District Youth Winter Retreat

Hearing From God & Each Other

Luke 14:34-35 (CEB) "Salt is good.  but if salt loses its flavor, how will it become salty again?  It has no value, neither for the soil nor for the manure pile.  People throw it away Whoever has ears to hear should pay attention." 


As our world spins around us, many are left feeling unheard.  Hearing one another is a vital skill to relationships.  Jesus instructed anyone with ears to hear, or pay attention.  Hearing for the purpose of relationship, hearing for the purpose of understanding and hearing as an act of faith are skills we will be exploring with our session leader, Emmett Eldred.  


This weekend will provide us a place to have conversation, but more than that, it will provide us a space to slow down and hear.  To not run from one thing to the next, but to let what we hear soak into us and encourage faithful responses that show the grace, forgiveness and mercy of God, so as to bring God's peace.  We look forward to seeing you!"

Bring your bedding, toiletries, Bible, warm clothes for outdoors.

Cost is $70.00 if registered by December 30. After that date cost increases to $75.00.

 Here is a link to the registration form:!AoS-HGxUnUcqgbYvkJqXOXN0F9FMDQ 

District Youth Volleyball Tournament

Saturday, March 11 @ Juniata College

Details will be sent to churches.

Soup Kitchen Trip to Washington DC

March 29 to April 1, 2017

Save the dates! Watch for details coming soon!!!