Heritage Fair

Virtual Heritage Fair 2020

As you know, Heritage Fair will not take place at Camp this summer.  After a lengthy discussion concerning the health risks related to large gatherings, the Heritage Fair Planning Committee concluded that it is in the best interest of those we love to make alternative plans for Heritage Fair 2020.

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Virtual Heritage Fair 2020 PosterThis “all-in-one” piece offers suggestions, presents challenges and may boost creativity.  If your congregation is known to provide Heritage Favorites (like beef & noodles, fudge, apple cider, apple butter, apple butter pies, gob cake, ox roast, BBQ chicken, ham & bean soup, how sausages and homemade pies), please consider preparing these delicacies and sell from your church parking lot!  We’ll help you advertise in the classifieds.

Classified Ads  -  The talking animals explain how Camp and District can help your congregation promote your Heritage Fair project.

Dunk-the-Dunkard Water Bucket Challenge  -  The dunking 

tank is not a possibility this year, but imagine the fun of

choosing someone in your congregation to dunk and raising 

money to make it happen.

Hike/Walk/Run-a-Thon  -  If your congregation chooses to do 

a Hike/Walk/Run-a-Thon, feel free to use the sponsor

sign-up list attached 

This is certainly a unique time to be promoting and planning.  

We know that many churches are not meeting for

worship, others are meeting in parking lots, and others may be 

meeting as usual, but we all know that it’s not

“business-as-usual.”   We’re going to figure it out and when it’s 

safe to be together again, it will be wonderful.  


Be well, be prayerful and soon we’ll be together,

The Heritage Fair Planning Committee


     Like so many other groups planning for an uncertain future due to COVID-19, the Heritage Fair Planning Committee met multiple times since the beginning of the governor’s stay-at-home order and the state’s color-coded phases of social distancing restrictions.  After lengthy discussions about the health risks related to a large gathering such as Heritage Fair, and in consideration of the green phase crowd number restriction to 250 or less, the Heritage Fair Planning Committee concluded that Heritage Fair as we’ve known it for so many years cannot happen in 2020.  The auction of the Heritage Fair quilt will also be postponed until 2021. Along with the crowd restrictions, the onset of the flu season in September, the reality of the continued presence of the coronavirus plus the added concern for food safety also were prominent factors in the committee’s decision.  

     For those who are longing for a return to some normalcy, no doubt this announcement comes as a disappointment to many.  In addition, it carries with it financial ramifications for the Camp and the District who both depend on the proceeds from Heritage Fair as a significant portion of their income for the year.  Fully understanding that the finances of our individual churches have also been affected by COVID-19, the Heritage Fair Planning Committee is still inviting and encouraging every church in our district to prayerfully consider doing what they can to maintain the level of financial support for Heritage Fair this year, even though there will be no physical gathering.  This could come by way of some creative in-house fund raising within our individual churches or a direct Heritage Fair 2020 contribution.  In addition, the Camp and District will be sponsoring a Heritage Fair Tractor Bucket Ice Water Challenge. Different leadership of the camp and district will be drenched in ice-cold water poured from an overhead tractor bucket for different levels of funds cumulatively collected by our churches throughout the district.

     2020 has been a year like no other year, and we have learned to adapt to a situation that no one could have ever predicted.  With the future uncertain, our decisions are based on  Christian love and the best knowledge we have at the time.  If you have questions about how you can still support the Camp and District in a year without Heritage Fair, please call the Camp or District office.  We look forward to a wonderful gathering for Heritage Fair next year in 2021.   Sincerely – the Heritage Fair Planning Committee.  


Heritage Fair Quilt will be auctioned in 2021.