Summer Splash

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District Youth Grades 6-12 are invited to Summer Splash at Lake Raystown Waterpark on Wednesday, July 10. Registration begins at 5:30 followed by devotions, fun and fellowship 6-8 pm. See the attached registration form or click on the following link:!AoS-HGxUnUcqgrowZlkTd3Pft4lhOg

Ministry in the Making Giving Campaign

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 Ministry in the Making Giving Campaign

Middle Pennsylvania District’s goal is to develop resources that will fulfill our commitment to ministry. This includes children’s ministry, youth and young adults ministry, providing assistance to our smaller congregations, and encouraging development of set apart ministerial leadership. How can you help? We cannot accomplish this goal alone. We ask for your help in building upon and continuing these important ministries. Your support will assist in establishing a strong foundation for all of our ministries and our congregations throughout our district. There are three ways you can give:

  • You may give at any time as often as you like through our website:
  • Choose to give a special offering on Sunday, May 19th with your congregation (see attached flyer/bulletin insert or click on this link:!AoS-HGxUnUcqgrofrerTmS-gM2uZHQ
  • Mail your donation to the Middle PA District Office, 1113 Mount Vernon Avenue, Huntingdon, PA 16652 (checks payable: Middle PA District)


We are grateful for your continued support of our ministries!

Uniting in Prayer: Proclaim Christ Reclaim Passion

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Uniting in Prayer: Proclaim Christ Reclaim Passion

Middle PA District Worship & Prayer Service

Thursday, June 6, 2019

7-8:30 pm.

Altoona 28th Street Church of the Brethren

2800 Union Avenue

Altoona, PA 16602

All are invited to join in worship and prayer in preparation for Annual Conference.

There will be a time of refreshments and fellowship.

District Conference

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2019 District Conference will be held on Saturday, October 12, 2019 at New Enterprise COB. Deb Gary is our District Moderator for this year. Theme is Lord Teach Us To PrayPraying with eyes open to see nature with scripture from Luke 11:1 which says One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.”

Greetings From 2019 District Conference Moderator, Deb Gary

One day Jesus was praying. When He finished, one of His disciples said to Him, ‘LORD TEACH US TO PRAY…’.        Luke 11:1

 ‘God is great, and God is good…’

‘Now I lay me down to sleep…’

‘Our Father, which art in Heaven…’

 Sound familiar? You probably know these prayers as well as you know your own name. Maybe the words were etched in memory from years of reciting them as a child—around the dinner table, on bended knee at bedtime, or in the church pew on Sunday morning. Maybe you were also taught to bow your head, be quiet, close your eyes, fold your hands and speak clearly.

 If that’s how children pray, then what about adults? Who teaches us the ‘right way’ to pray?

Have you ever heard someone pray ‘perfectly’? The right words with a flawless delivery? So eloquent, reverent, and heartfelt. So perfect! Did you think to yourself, ‘How does he do that?’, ‘Where did she learn to pray so perfectly?’ Maybe you’ve even thought, ‘I’ll never be able to pray like that.’

 Brothers & DO pray like that. Every time you pray to God, it’s absolutely perfect!

 The Bible teaches us to pray. Continually. Without ceasing. To seek. Rejoice. Cry out. Praise. Give thanks. Petition. Call upon Him in times of suffering and in times of joy. Nowhere does it command us to pray perfectly. There aren’t rules. There isn’t a right way or a wrong way. Every time you raise a prayer to God, He hears it as perfect and flawless! He’s listening and loving, not judging or critiquing. We don’t need to be on bended knee. Or in absolute silence. It doesn’t matter if we’re alone or in a crowd. It isn’t necessary to close our eyes or fold our hands. We don’t need the perfect words or the perfect time. We can sing, shout, whisper, or simply sit in silence.

Prayer—our personal conversation with God—can happen anytime, anywhere: in a car, on a porch, walking around the block, in a waiting room, baking cookies, washing the car, planting flowers...etc. Its not about where we pray, how we pray or even what we say when we pray. It’s the simple act of praying—when we turn our hearts & minds to God—that is absolutely perfect!

 Our world is hurting. It’s full of unkind words, impatience, unfair judgements, sadness, greed, broken relationships, anger, sickness, hatred, disappointment, intolerance, failure and resentment. Now more than ever, our world needs God. Our world needs prayer! Each and every one of us has the power to pray. Every day. In our own, unique way. And to God, it will be absolutely perfect!

Lord, teach US to pray.

Registration click here

One-Day Conference

This will be the first year we will have a one-day conference. Our annual gathering of the Middle PA District congregations  will give opportunity for fellowship, worship and celebrating our district and denominational related ministries.

 Registration                                                               Registration form for Delegates and Non-Delegates is at the link above. Send all registrations to the District Center. Make checks payable to Middle PA District.

 Delegate Information                                                             Delegate registration by church is encouraged. The cost per delegate is $55 on or before September 10. After September 10 the cost is $65. These fees include registration, booklet and meals.

 Non-Delegate Information                                                           Non-delegate registration is encouraged for individuals/families. Non-delegate registration is $20.00 per person. After September 10, meal costs rise to $25.00 per person. These fees include registration and meals.

Child Care                                                                                         Please contact the District Center if you will need childcare.


 Tentative Conference Schedule


8:15  Conference Registration Opens
         Continental Breakfast/exhibit browsing
9:00  Worship
          Business & Reporting

12:00  Lunch & Exhibit Browsing
           Camp Blue Diamond Meeting
            Business & Reporting
            Refreshments during afternoon break
3:00     Consecrating those called to serve
            Consecrating 2020 Moderator
4:00     Closing






Conference Officers

Deb Gary is Moderator and is a member at Altoona 28th Street. She is retired and very involved with the Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry at Altoona 28th Street.

Rock Manges  is Moderator-designate and is a member at Snake Spring Valley. He is a Co-op Coordinator and Lead Teacher.

Conference Speakers

Ben & Cindy Lattimer will be our conference speakers. Ben & Cindy serve as co-pastors of the Stone Church of the Brethren in Huntingdon. They are also serving in a partnership with Juniata College as college chaplains.

Program & Arrangements Committee

 Deb Gary, Moderator                                                                       Rock Manges, Moderator-Designate                                        Daisy Decker, Clerk                                                                          Terry Hershberger                                                                        Penny Dively                                                                                            Beth Neely


Outreach Project:

Southern Cove Volunteer Fire Company                   The Program & Arrangements Committee would like to support a local ministry in the New Enterprise area. The Southern Cove Volunteer Fire Company is always on call and is supported by donations. During District Conference we will be collecting items for their ministry.

· Granola Bars

· Protein Bars

· Packs of crackers

· Cases of water

· Gatorade

· Monetary donations


The Village at Morrisons Cove  to purchase a lift the facility uses called a SARA-Flex stand up lift. The cost of the lift is $4,420.00. The facility needs these types of lifts to ensure safe transfers for residents and to promote independence. Saturday offering will go to support the purchase of a lift. Checks payable: Middle PA District.

Pennies for Witness is an offering emphasis on our outreach ministries: Trucker Traveler, CentrePeace, Prince Gallitzin Park Ministry, Small Church Fund, Outreach Ministry Matching Grants, Global Outreach. We encourage congregations to collect pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters and dollars. That is a lot of spare change!  Checks payable: Middle PA District



Brethren Open Golf Tournament

posted Mar 14, 2019, 8:09 AM by Middle PA District

The Brethren Open Golf Tournament will be held on Tuesday, August 13 at Iron Masters in Roaring Spring. Any donations are split 50/50 with Middle PA District and Camp Blue Diamond to support our ministries. Can't golf? Would you like to be a sponsor? We have several sponsor levels. If you would like to golf individually or if you have a team, please contact Kris at 814-643-0601 or email for more details. 

Youth Workcamp Scholarships Available

posted Jan 11, 2017, 9:08 AM by Middle PA District   [ updated Jan 10, 2019, 10:16 AM ]

For youth who may be attending Church of the Brethren workcamps this summer; Middle PA District will provide a $250.00 scholarship towards registration & travel expenses. Here is a link to the scholarship application click here

Pennies for Witness

posted Jun 16, 2014, 9:49 AM by Middle PA District

The Coordinating Team of Middle Pennsylvania District has been working to place a greater emphasis and focus on our outreach ministries. Our hope has been to continue to increase our outreach to at least 10% of our total budget – a tithe. Many years ago District Leadership developed the Pennies for Witness offering as a way to support the outreach ministries of the District. Over the years that offering emphasis was repurposed and redirected to support the general mission and ministry of the District. Last year, the Coordinating Team in their commitment to outreach ministries reclaimed the original intent of the offering and again is encouraging the membership of Middle Pennsylvania District to collect their spare change for the Pennies for Witness offering.

Our current outreach ministries that Pennies for Witness support are:

  • ·        Trucker Traveler Ministries: This Breezewood ministry not only reaches out to truckers, but is a friend to other travelers who face a crisis situation. Bruce Maxwell serves as chaplain and is supported by a local management committee.  The ministries offer what is appropriate to each situation: a listening ear, emergency assistance, and the good news of Jesus Christ.
  • ·         CentrePeace: The goals of CentrePeace (Bellefonte) are to promote Restorative Justice and decrease victimization and crime in our communities by improving the attitudes and capabilities of prison inmates through productive work and training in job and interpersonal skills. CentrePeace keeps hundreds of tons of recyclable furniture and household goods out of our area's landfills every year. Furniture and other materials are repaired, refinished and sold at a fraction of their original price.
  • ·         Prince Gallitzin Park Ministry (Chaplains in the Park): Middle Pennsylvania District partners with the Leisure Ministries of the Pennsylvania Council of Churches to provide a chaplain (David Flumerfelt) at Prince Gallitzin State Park. The Coordinating Team continues to believe that this is a significant ministry for the summer campers (and staff) and has the potential of touching the lives of non-believers.
  • ·         Small Church Fund: This Fund was developed in 1998 to assist congregations with approximately 100 persons or less in worship to help develop a ministry they would not be able to do otherwise. Through a “pay it forward” approach, the Coordinating Team hopes that others, congregations and individuals, will step forward to offer our small (and larger) congregations assistance in meeting their ministry challenges and struggles. 
  • ·         Outreach Ministry Matching Grant: In an effort to support and partner with the outreach passions of our congregations, church leadership may ask the District to match 50% of their ministry gifts to their outreach ministry/project up to $250. 

We encourage the members of your church membership to collect pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters and dollars between now and District Conference. We will receive your Pennies for Witness offerings during the Saturday afternoon session at District Conference or you may send it directly to the District Center. Our goal is $12,000. That is a lot of spare change, but if you consider there are approximately 8,500 members in Middle Pennsylvania District, that’s only $1.50 per member. Our ministries together as a District are not about one person or one church. Our ministries are about 55 congregations working together and sharing in the bounties as we continue together the work of Jesus!


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