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The Quaker Bonnet is the official publication of the Evangelical Friends Church Mid-America Friends Women Fellowship. It is edited by Laura Davenport.

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Reading Course

To complete the Friends Women Fellowship Reading Course please read each issue of the Quaker Bonnet and a minimum of one title (listed below) from each of the following four categories:

  • Friends (Quakers) & Classics
  • Fiction
  • Missions
  • Biography & Christian Life.

It is also recommended that all ladies read current Quaker periodicals as available. The four books are to be read completely and individually within the year. A book may be read for credit only once.

Recognition will be given in the Quaker Bonnet for those completing all requirements for the Reading Course. Books added to the Reading Course will be used for two years. The newest titles are listed first.

2019-2020 Book List


2019 Book List

The Fig Tree Revolution: Unleashing Local Churches into the Mission of Social Justice

by Bill Mefford, 2017, Cascade Books. ISBN: 9781532616709 (print), 9781498240635 (digital), 150 pages. $17.99 print; $9.99 digital.

Ever see an injustice and want to do something? Do you see something that needs changed, but don’t know what to do? You can do something about it! Read this book and follow God’s leading to be part of the solution to make this world a better place. We can follow the commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves by confronting injustice; we can love on people impacted by the injustice while we walk alongside them to seek a solution together.

2019 Book List

We Died Before We Came Here: A True Story of Sacrifice and Hope

by Emily Foreman, 2016, NavPress. ISBN: 9781631464515 (print), 9781631464522 (digital), 208 pages. $10.95 print; $10.99 digital.

Emily and Stephen Foreman were called to a life of sacrifice and “We died before we came here” was a common refrain for this bi-vocational missionary couple. Then Stephen was murdered down the street from the local mosque by al-Qaeda extremists. In this memoir Emily recounts her story and tells how she, her husband and their four kids answered God’s call to reach the North African Muslim world with the gospel, lived in a country where Christianity was illegal and Stephen worked for a Non-govermental Organization (NGO) making a positive difference in the community. Read about missionary life, how the family spread the light of Christ to others around them and how Stephen’s life and his death impacted the community and the people who knew him best.

2020 Book List

Momma Maggie: The Untold Story of One Woman’s Mission to Love the Forgotten Children of Egypt’s Garbage Slums

by Marty Makary and Ellen Vaughn, 2015, Nelson Books. ISBN: 97807108022037 (print), 9780718022044 (digital)

Maggie Gobran answers God’s call to leave her job and minister full time to the children in the garbage slums in Cairo Egypt. She and her non-governmental organization, Stephen’s Children, have been changing lives ever since through educational opportunities, medical ministry, providing clothes and shoes, and kid’s camps hosted outside of the city. Read Maggie’s story and then the many stories of transformations that have taken place through the love and care of Maggie and her co-workers at Steven’s Children.

2020 Book List

Small Town Mission: A Guide for Mission-Driven Communities

by Aaron Morrow, 2016, GCD Books. ISBN: 9780692712825 (print)

This is a great guide and workbook for purposeful and intentional Christian living. If you want to live and think like a missionary where you currently are to reach your co-workers, neighbors, extended family and friends for Jesus then this book will help you (and your local church) accomplish this goal. Motivation and contains great ideas to help people live purposefully, intentionally and share Jesus with others naturally whether you are at work, play, in your neighborhood or with your kids.

Christian Life/Biography

2019 Book List

Seven Money Types: Discover How God Wired You to Handle Money

by Tommy Brown, 2017, Zondervan. ISBN: 9780310335443 (print), 9780310335450 (digital), 240 pages. $11.42 print; $6.99 digital.

Did you know that the way you handle money demonstrates an aspect of God’s image? It does! This book expands and explains the basic beliefs and key characteristics of each money type so you can understand better how you and those around you handle money and showcase aspects of God’s character. It also expands on areas of growth for each money type and spotlights some shadow sides of each type to watch out for (too much of any good thing can become detrimental). Read to understand yourself and those around you better!

2019 Book List

Whatever the Cost: Facing Your Fears, Dying to Your Dreams, and Living Powerfully

by David and Jason Benham, 2015, W Publishing Group. ISBN: 9780718083175 (print), 9780718033002 (digital), 226 pages. $11.20 print; $9.99 digital.

This memoir from the Benham brother’s is down to earth telling of their life story interwoven with Biblical truths and full of friendly and humorous twin brother banter. This book covers their growing up years with dreams of being big league baseball players, their days of playing in the pros, life after their baseball careers, becoming entrepreneurs and foreclosure specialists, being faith leaders in their community and almost being reality show stars before the network dropped them for their Christian beliefs. This book will make you examine your heart and challenge you to live true to your Christian faith in a secular world.

2020 Book List

Happy Wives Club: One Woman’s Worldwide Search for the Secrets of a Great Marriage

by Fawn Weaver, 2014, Nelson Books. ISBN: 9781400205042 (print), 9781400205059 (digital)

Great marriages are all around us if we look for them. Join the Fawn Weaver on her journey around the world to meet new friends and uncover the secrets of a great marriage. Be encouraged and inspired through her stories of encountering happy, healthy marriages all over the world and discover what makes each couple’s marriage unique and work well. It’s easy to read and will have you smiling and laughing as you are inspired by the stories about everyday life and love.

2020 Book List

Kidnapped by the Taliban: A Story of Terror, Hope, and Rescue by Seal Team Six

by Dilip Joseph, MD, with James Lund, 2014, W Publishing Group. ISBN: 9780718011284 (print), 9780718011307 (digital)

The true story about a medical doctor and two colleagues who were kidnapped by the Taliban while traveling back to Kabul, Afghanistan after working in a rural village clinic. This powerful tale is not only about the kidnapping, being held captive then later being rescued by Seal Team Six, but it’s also about making surprising connections and re-examining what really matters. It’s about courage, sacrifice, compassion, hope and faith. Challenging yet inspirational, this book just might persuade you to shift your perspective or world view.

Friends (Quaker) & Classics

2019 Book List

Hinds' Feet on High Places

by Hannah Hurnard, 2018, Christian Classics. ISBN: 9781948648097 (print), 9781948648103 (digital), 134 pages. $4.83 print; $0.99 digital.

A true classic, we can all learn a lot of lessons from this allegory of the Christian life. This timeless book is completely relevant today as we all are on the same journey as Much Afraid following the Shepherd on the path he has set before us. In this journey of life we all continually grow stronger in Christ, we fight against evil, experience, pain, suffering and choose to continue to surrender to God’s will and accept His love fully.

2019 Book List

It's About Restoration: Stories of Heartbreak and Tragedy Restored by Acts of Love

by Dean Johnson, 2016, CreateSpace Independent. ISBN: 9781532819995 (print), 326 pages. $20.96 print.

Read the fascinating history and many missions of the Friends Disaster Service from when Dean & Freeda Johnson headed up the efforts in Eastern Region of Friends Churches. This book is full of photos and stories of people helped by Friends who felt a burden for those dealing with natural disasters and wanting to lend a hand to help people get back on their feet and back to living life.

2020 Book List

Close to the Ground: A Collection of Poems

by Nancy Thomas, 2016, Barclay Press. ISBN: 9781594980367 (print)

Through poetry about the grace of God hidden in the ordinariness of life, Nancy Thomas takes us on a personal journey that celebrates: words and language, memories, our humanness next to God’s divinity, and the hope of resurrection and new life. These poems are easy to read and will touch your soul through tales of faith and life, language and eternity.

2020 Book List

Through the Gates of Splendor

by Elisabeth Elliot, 1996, Tyndale House Publishers. ISBN: 9780842371520 (print), 9781414328201 (digital)

This classic book shares the well-known story about the five American missionaries (Jim Elliot, Pete Fleming, Ed McCully, Nate Saint and Roger Youderian) who died trying to establish communication with the Huaroani tribe (also known as Auca, Waorani or Waodani) of Eastern Ecuador. The book details each man’s calling to missions and Ecuador, the ministries and events leading up to Operation Auca, the news that the men died, the story of the wives and children, and the later work among the Huaorani tribe.

Christian Fiction

2019 Book List

The Mark of the King

by Jocelyn Green, 2017, Bethany House. ISBN: 9780764219061 (print), 9781441231079 (digital), 418 pages. $5.83 print; $1.59 digital.

Julianne Chevalier, a midwife in early 16th century France gets blamed for murder when her client dies in childbirth. Imprisoned and branded as a criminal beyond hope of rehabilitation, she agrees to trade her life sentence in prison for a forced marriage to a fellow convict and exile to the Louisiana colony where she hopes to find her long lost brother. Trying to make a fresh start in the new settlement of New Orleans is difficult and she faces injustices, trouble and loss. Danger lurks nearby and tragedy strikes often in the wilderness. Soldiers are the only source of law and order, but not all can be trusted. She asks Captain Girard to help her, but he might know more about her brother than he is letting on. Caught in the conflict & espionage between the English and the French, she must choose her future path.

2019 Book List

Though I Stumble

by Kim Cash Tate, 2016, FaithLove Press. ISBN: 9781946336002 (print & digital), 430 pages. $15.04 print; $0.99 digital.

Four Women, each in a different season (be it healing from tragedy, coping with widowhood, falling away from God or experiencing marital troubles), attend a weekend women’s conference together. There they meet each other, learn about each other’s troubles and form a support system for each other as they pursue Christ through life’s hard situations.

2020 Book List

Dawn of the Silver Moon

by Margaret Mendenhall, 2016, Yorkshire Publishing. ISBN: 9781947491458 (print), 9781948282994 (digital)

Lucy, a Quaker girl living in the 1840s near the Quaker mission to the Shawnee, is taken captive in an act of revenge. As she travels from Kansas Territory to Indian Territory, Lucy encounters many harrowing situations from a raging river at flood stage, a killer tornado and multiple threats of physical harm. Through it all she clings to her faith and shares it with others. Two men are vying for her heart and a future with her, yet a third threatens her life and safety. Who will rescue her? Will she live long enough to get a happy ever after?

2020 Book List

Life After

by Katie Ganshert, 2017, Waterbrook. ISBN: 9781601429025 (print), 9781601429032 (digital)

In this realistic novel, Autumn is the only survivor of terrorist attack on a train; twenty-two others died. Twelve months later, tormented by grief and guilt, Autumn researches and haunts the lives of the twenty two, unable to rest until she can understand why she lived and the others died. Unexpected events force her together with Paul whose wife died in the attack. Paul would like the past to remain in the past so his two young children can move beyond the heartbreak, but Autumn is still searching for answers and stuck in the past. There are secrets in both Autumn and Paul’s lives … what will happen when they are uncovered?


General Reading Course Prize Drawing:

    • For every 2 books a person reads from the 2020 Friends Women Reading Course book list (which lists 14 books) she will earn one entry into the General Reading Course Prize Drawing. (Maximum seven entries per person.)
    • There will be three winners drawn from the General Reading Course Prize Drawing and each of the three winners will receive a $10 Visa gift card.

Top Readers Prize Drawing:

    • If a person reads all 7 new books on the 2020 Friends Women Reading Course book list, she will also earn one entry into the Top Readers Prize Drawing.
    • There will be one winner drawn from the Top Readers Prize Drawing and the winner will receive a $25 Visa gift card.

How to enter:

Each year individuals can submit their information via this site or the local FWF president can print a Reading Report and send it in by snail mail. Printed forms sent to Candi Foster must be postmarked before February 15, 2020.

Questions? Contact our Reading Course Secretary, Candi Foster, at 316-765-4610 (cell) or e-mail her at Start reading today!

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