SPUR Missions On!

2023 Friends Women Theme

Who We Are

We are women - mothers, wives, single women, students, grandmothers - women of all ages and situations with one common goal:

We are women dedicated to bringing the GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST to the WORLD through supporting MISSIONS!

We are members of the Friends Churches throughout the Evangelical Friends Mid-America Yearly Meeting. Located in churches throughout Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Colorado and Texas, we work together to accomplish various missions projects.

Why We Exist

Friends Women Fellowship (FWF) exists to support various missions activities throughout the US and the world. We do this through women's groups meeting at Friends churches throughout Evangelical Friends Church - Mid-America Yearly Meeting. One of the many blessings of these groups are the life-long friendships that develop among the women who are members. FWF is not meant to compete with other women's programs at our churches; it is not meant to be an additional burden on your time and energy - FWF is meant to be a blessing to women and those they reach out to.

With that in mind, we have kept the cost at a minimum. Finances should never be a deterrent to anyone who wants to join. If your church doesn't have a FWF yet, we are happy to help you start one. All it takes is a few women and willing hearts! We can help with the rest.

So many times as Christians we want to make a difference in the world, but we feel overwhelmed. "How can I, one person, make a difference?" Each of us can by joining with others who want to share the Good News of Jesus Christ! By binding together as a team of women who want to bless others, we can accomplish much!

"Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

If you have questions or just want to find out a little more about Friends Women Fellowship, please contact our current president: DeAnna Linville  (Email).

Our Goals

Though we have specific goals for each year, we have a vision that informs and guides each project that Friends Women Fellowship focuses on:


We encourage prayer support for workers through the use of prayer cards and email updates.


We also contribute through our giving. New projects are determined each year that spread your donations as far as possible across the globe. Click HERE for a list of projects.


We want to work locally, globally and with other organizations, such as EFM. We encourage each society to: 


Participate in the Reading Course which includes books, The Quaker Bonnet, and current Friends periodicals. Go to our Resources page to learn more.

Starting a Friends Women Fellowship Group

Why start a FWF group at my church?

There are two main reasons:

What would our goals be?

To provide support and encouragement for workers through prayer, gifts, cards and money raising projects for both home and foreign workers.

What are the unexpected benefits?

Fellowship! You'll not only deepen your relationships in your local church but you'll make new friends with women across your area and across Mid America Yearly Meeting. Many life-long friendships have been born through Friends Women Fellowships.

What do I need to do to get the ball rolling?

Designate who will be the contact person for your group, then contact DeAnna Linville, President of FWF. DeAnna will be your liaison and your guide through the start-up process. She will answer any additional questions you have, introduce you to your Area Vice President, and help you get your group started.

Are there any membership fees?

Yes. We try to keep these at a minimum so that everyone can participate. This small amount helps defray administrative and mailing costs. Dues per member are $10.00 per year.

This includes:

Dues per group are $5.00 per year. This helps defray the travel cost for the national president who travels the world speaking on behalf of Friends Women Fellowships.

Send to FWF Treasurer:

Sue Randall, 402 N. Main, Argonia, KS 67004

(Your local leader can collect dues and send them in for your group.)

What else should I do?

Send us your contact info so we can keep you in the loop! Email the FWF President with your name, address, phone, email and church. We'll make sure you get included on news and updates. (Check the 'Officers' page for a list of current leaders in our organization.)

Are there additional materials I can get that would be helpful?

Yes. Here is a list:

Yearbook: (No charge electronic)

The Yearbook includes all of the information for your Friends Women Fellowship group for the upcoming year, including monthly meeting devotionals, book list for the Reading Course, info on our missionaries and details for on our projects for the year. Each member of the group should have their own copy. 

EFI-WMF Program Book: (No charge electronic/$5.00 print)

The Yearbook includes all of the information for your Friends Women Fellowship group for the upcoming year, including monthly meeting devotionals, book list for the Reading Course, info on our workers and details on our projects for the year. Each member of the group should have their own copy.

The Evangelical Friends Church International and Women's Missionary Fellowship organizations provide a listing of all Friends missions organizations across the US. This book is a valuable tool for those who want to be praying in one accord with others around the world. It contains a roll call, devotion and verses for 10 months of the coming year. Program books are emailed in a PDF version. If you need printed copies mailed to you, they will be $5.00 a piece. Order yours today, making your check payable to EFC-MAYM Friends Women. 

Both of these resources can be ordered from our Treasurer, Sue Randall. (Email)