Year-Long Project

Luke 10 Trips

GOAL - $5,000

Luke 10 Trips – Evangelical Friends Mission is sending teams to explore possible new places for service. Our year-long project will help fund these trips taken by nationals and potential American workers. $5,000

Children's Projects

GOAL - $3,500

Haiti: Door Replacements and Repairs

GOAL - $1,500

Many storms have left the doors of our Friends school in Haiti in need of repair or replacement.

Nepal: Blankets

GOAL - $1,000

During the winter months, blankets, hats, and scarves are distributed among the younger and older populations of villages in poverty.

Nepal: Pigs and Goats

GOAL - $1,000

Eight leaders will purchase goats and pigs to send their children to school. The cost of one goat is $25. A single pig is $50.

(We are seeking a new Children's Coordinator. Please direct questions about current Children's Projects to our general email.)

Monthly Offerings

February Offering: Kibimba Hospital Sheets

GOAL - $1,500

Kibimba Hospital has added a new 300-bed maternity and pediatric building to their facilities. We are raising funds to help them with the cost of 300 sheets, blankets, and gowns. The cost is $75.50 per bed.

March Offering: Burundi Vacation Bible School

GOAL - $2,500

The Friends churches of the two Burundi yearly meetings saw 35,256 children attend Vacation Bible School last year. Our offering will help these churches print new materials for the coming years.

April Offering: Evangelical Friends Mission Vehicles (Rwanda/Ireland)

GOAL - $3,000

We hope to help the Howells in Ireland and the Carpenters in Rwanda obtain reliable transportation for their work.

May Offering: Parsonage Renovation (West Bengal)

GOAL - $1,000

Providing a safe place for Sarkars to live in West Bengal is a priority. These funds will help renew their living space providing paint and materials for roof and structural repairs.

September Offering: Great Lakes Leadership Training

GOAL - $3,000

Friends Theological College is a 2-year, diploma-level Bible college in Burundi, Congo, and Rwanda where students are trained, equipped, and prepared to become active in ministry. The funds we send will help further the gospel as newly trained leaders care for local churches.

October "Missions Emphasis" Offering: Thailand Business Grants

GOAL - $1,000

A grant will provide church leaders, local pastors, and church planters with start up funds for micro-businesses to provide for themselves and their families.

November Offering: Pastor's Family Retreat (Nepal)

GOAL - $1,500

Pastors in Nepal face long hours of ministry work and many are not able to financially afford time away. Our giving will give them the opportunity to get away with their families for a time of rest and spiritual renewal.

Hands-On Projects

Collecting Stars

We are asking every FWF to collect foil stars for the next year. Our missionaries in Africa use these for the children at our Vacation Bible Schools. The kids get such a big smile on their faces when they receive a star! (Foil stars are available in the school supply sections of most stores, including Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Family Dollar and Dollar General.) We can never have too many stars!

If you have stars, don’t hold on to them! You can mail them directly any time to Burundi to this address:

Stars, c/o EEA, BP 1198, Bujumbura, Burundi, Africa

Create Layette Sets for New Moms

Most new mothers in Africa leave the hospital with virtually nothing they can use to care for their babies. We are asking FWF’s to work all year on creating layette sets in a bag! Be as creative as you want, but try to make sure each one-gallon Ziploc bag contains the following items for a mother's take-home starter kit:

  • 1 small blanket (only flannel receiving blankets please)

  • 1 small gown or onesie

  • a cap (knit is ok, but needs to be small)

  • a pair of socks

  • 2 cloth diapers, large safety pins

  • plastic pants if available

  • wash cloth

  • 1 bar of soap. (You can cut the large ivory soap bars in two pieces and put one piece with one layette.)

A lot of women at retreat wanted a pattern so they could make their own onesies. You can get a pattern (and more information about things happening at our hospital in Kibimba) from Lorna Long. Her phone number is 316-524-5104 and her address is 5166 S. Vine St, Wichita, KS, 67217.