Friends Women Fellowship

Evangelical Friends Church - Mid-America Yearly Meeting


Friends Women Fellowship Mid-America exists to connect women across the Mid-America region as they seek to pray, give and work for missions. Find out more about why we exist, what our goals are, even how to start a FWF group at your church by visiting our Info page.


Each FWF groups is encouraged to complete hands-on projects, to collect and send offerings each month to support our approved monthly and year-long projects. In addition, children's projects help with special needs. You can find everything you need to know about how to give to these on our Projects page. (For monthly and year-to-date giving reports click on the Giving tab.)


Want to know how to bless our workers around the world? Need to find the birthday or anniversary for your adopted worker? All that info (and more) is available on our Workers page. You can learn more about Evangelical Friends Mission, our outreach arm, by visiting their site.


During the summer at EFC-MAYM's annual Ministry Conference, Friends Women Fellowship hosts a Prayer Breakfast. In the fall, Friends Women Fellowship hosts Women's Retreat. Women from all across the Mid-America region attend this event. Learn more on our Events page.


Everything your Friends Women Fellowship needs to stay informed and be educated is available on our Resources page. There you'll find the latest issues of the Quaker Bonnet along with the Reading List and info on the Reading List Prize Drawing. Also available there is info on how to access our Constitution and Bylaws and how to order yearbooks and program books.


If you need to contact a member of our Executive Board or your Area Vice President, the Officers page is where you need to head.