Spreading the word for the PTO.  This committee submits to the newsletter, sends emails and MGS website announcements.  This is a great committee for people who can't get to the school during the day but love to work on the computer.  If you like playing with graphic design, words, and sharing what is going on; join this committee!  Meeting attendance is a big plus for this committee but not necessary .


The Publicity Committee is a team it needs volunteers! 


Volunteers help to:

  • Submit contributions to the MGS Messenger
  • Post Flyers announcing PTO meetings
  • Send out mass emails for committees and meetings
  • Update website
  • Submit announcements to local papers
  • Help write and publish a PTO newsletter
  • Help committees as needed create and publish their flyers (many committees do this on their own)
  • Help revise and publish the PTO brochure
  • Help the President facilitate the Welcome Night at the beginning of the school year