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Many years later

No one can explain how or when exactly it began.

Just like all those years ago when the birthrates started to decline, the population began to grow once more.

It had taken close to seventeen hundred years for humans within the facilities to begin reproducing again. That is, without medical or any other chemical form of intervention.

The earth had changed significantly through those years. And so had it’s people.

Humans now shared the world with many races.

The Dueanian race. Entities like Dewey, who had come through the rift to cleanse our atmosphere of the antigen who’s byproduct had rendered all living organisms on earth sterile.

The Dueally race. People like Lark, who had died and then travelled through a rift to Caradorynee and then eventually returned.

The Half Human race. People like Fisher, who had died and were healed by a Dueally and who had not travelled to Caradorynee to partake in the Shegata Battles.

The Half Dueally race. Children born to a Half Human. Fisher and Lark’s four sons were the first, but many followed. These people have the eye colour of humans but because their first breath inhaled contained a strain of the antigen they have the ability to draw moisture from a living organism and expand their bodies in a similar fashion as the Dueally race.

The Forlorn Ones. Humans once exiled from the facilities for their inability to procreate and those of today that choose to live outside of a facility.

And finally the DEH race. The Dueanian Enhanced Humans. These are the children born to the Forlorn Ones. They are distinguishable by their orange eyes and as they too have taken their first breath in an atmosphere with the antigen are similar to the Half Dueally race, but with lesser abilities.

All except the Human race and the Forlorn Ones had extended lifespans. People like Lark and Fisher as well as their children lived for well over a thousand years.

Dewey, Lark’s Dueanian protector was never seen again once the Dueanian elders exiled Lark to Caradorynee for bringing his wife Fisher back to life after she died during childbirth.

With the help of other Dueanian’s the earth eventually began to heal and over time, with much effort from everyone, debris from the oceans was reduced and some fish life did make a resurgence.

Baylee Wright’s theory that the deforestation and the destruction of plant life throughout the world had a negative affect on the oxygen levels in the atmosphere, was never proven, although oxygen levels were increased as the heavy smog of carbon dioxide dissipated.

Although Baylee followed Lark’s advice and convinced hundreds of Sperm Gathers and Sperm Releasers to purify the water they drank, there was never any evidence that the antigen and the effects of Dewey’s byproduct had any effect on the Sperm Gathers fertility.

There were many uprising over the centuries.

The Level system was abolished after two wars were fought where Sperm Gathers, like Baylee and Fisher, had demanded that they have long term partners. And Sperm Releasers fought for the right to choose their mates and raise their children in a once ancient tradition of the family.

The DEH also waged a rebellion and had fought hard for equal status with humans.

Yes, maybe things had changed since the first decline of the birthrates was discovered centuries ago, but one thing remained the same.

The spirit of community and the tenacity of humanity to survive prevailed over all and the planet Earth was the better for it.

©Human in Inhuman Worlds by Janet Merritt