Caradorynee: Kin #7

Post date: Sep 9, 2017 2:00:10 PM

Caradorynee: Kin


Lark emerged on the other side of the rift only to find himself in the middle of a large circular arena.


Not even the hushed breeze whispering through the lush vegetation outside of the arena or the buzz of insects indicated that this space was recently occupied.

Lark swallowed.

How much time had passed? Star had vanished not a mere minute ago. Had stepping through the rift taken him forward in time or perhaps back? Should he wait to see if the girl appeared through the rift as he had or should he venture out in search of her?

Lark glanced around.

There wasn’t much to see beyond the arena. A bluish grey sky merged with several forms of vegetation in a multitude of shades of light brown and gold. Hanging from some of the taller ones were groupings of white and mauve. Large blue globes dotted the white masses. Lark wondered if the globes were edible.

His eyes strayed back to the arena and focused at one end where a massive chiselled rock, spanning the circumference of a spectator’s gallery, depicting battles between a wide variety of beasts stood. The artwork reminded him of marble carvings of ancient roman coliseums where gladiators had once fought thousands of years ago on earth. Yet this was not the timeline of earth.

The humidity in the air was heavy, far denser than anything he’d ever experienced.

Lark breathed in deeply and tentatively tasted the contents of the atmosphere surrounding him. Clearly an oxygen and nitrogen mixture, free of the abundance of carbon dioxide, yet with the distinct taste of sulfur and ash.

Whatever timeline version this planet was it had properties of both earth and Caradorynee.

Lark scanned through his memory. It was widely purported that many of Caradorynee habitants, other than the Dueanian youth, often visited other versions of their planet.

Oit for instance, when seen by humans, were often categorized as being the mythical creature of a werewolf. Fewpo, although much too tall, were reported to resemble aliens from outer space.

Tooacua, on the other hand, were treated as godlike beings on Eeita but were hunted as a food source on Neuhtony.

Slavantka, and Lark hoped that this place wasn’t Slavantka, it was widely known that strangers were viewed as demon entities and if captured were enslaved and tortured.

A movement caught Lark’s eye. He immediately activated his Dueanian defences and began to draw in the moisture from the surrounding air. His body dissipated as his form shimmered.

A creature no more than a foot tall, speckled with a black and bright blue diamond shaped pattern across its gold body, appeared from behind what looked like a golden bush. It stood tall and erect without any sign of fear for Lark.

The creature made a high pitched tinkling sound, which seem to Lark to be appropriate for it resembled an oversized newt.

Without taking his eyes off the tiny creature Lark focused on enhancing his senses. A moment or two passed where Lark could not hear or sense any rustling in the underbrush surrounding the arena.

That didn’t mean more of the tiny creatures were not lurking around ready to attack. There was no way for him to know how vicious they would be if they saw him as a threat.

Green lids over yellow eyes closed and opened slowly several times while the creature continued to emit the tinkling sound. Its forelegs waved from side to side in what Lark thought may be a beckoning gesture.

Over the many centuries on Caradorynee Lark had studied the behaviour of hundreds of creatures. Identifying the subtleties of their many languages through movement.

The creature wanted him to follow it.

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