*Doing MC Well: Perspectives and Practices (book)

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Doing Member Care Well (2002)

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Introduction to Doing Member Care Well

To the Ends of the Earth, To the End of the Age

Part One-The Member Care Context

1. Going Global: A Member Care Model for Best Practice

Kelly O'Donnell

2. Developing a Flow of Care and Caregivers

David Pollock

3. Christianity at 2000: Changes Today, Challenges Tomorrow

Todd M. Johnson

4. Humanitarianism with a Point

John L. Amstutz

5. Commemorating the Witnesses to the Faith

John Paul II

Part Two-Regional Issues and Insights

Section One-Asia

6. Challenges and Care for Asian Missionaries

Gracia Wiarda

7. MK Education and Care: Lessons from Asia

Polly Chan

Section Two-South Asia

8. Indian Missionary Care: Dark Obstacles and Divine Opportunities

K. K. Rajendran

9. Field Care for Asian Missionaries in South Asia

Ah Kie Lim

Section Three-Africa

10. Member Care for African Mission Personnel

Naomi Famonure

11. Member Care in North Africa: Finding Life in the Desert

Anke Tissingh

12. Mobile Member Care Team-West Africa: Our Journey and Direction

Darlene Jerome

13. Member Care Development in South Africa

Marina Prins and Braam Willemse

14. Tumaini Counselling Centre: Ten Years in/from East Africa

Roger K. Brown and Shirley M. Brown

Section Four-Latin America

15. Awakening Pastoral Care in Latin American Missions

Christopher Shaw

16. Pastoral Care from Latin America: Some Suggestions for Sending Churches

Pablo Carrillo Luna

17. Preparing to Persevere in Brazilian Missions

Márcia Tostes

18. Holding on to the Good: A Short Experience for Emotional Debriefing

Esly Carvalho

Section Five-Arabic World

19. Ministering Wisely in the Middle East: Christian Service Under Pressure

Naji Abi-Hashem and Anneke Companjen

20. Doing Member Care in Red Zones: Examples from the Middle East

Raymond Hicks

Part Three-Providing and Developing Member Care

Section One-Master Care

21. Jesus Christ: The Heart of Member Care

David Huggett and Joyce Huggett

22. Joy and Sacrifice in the Lord

Ajith Fernando

Section Two-Self and Mutual Care

23. Giants, Foxes, Wolves, and Flies: Helping Ourselves and Others

Kelly O'Donnell and Michèle Lewis O'Donnell

24. Sexual Purity in Missions

Ken Williams

25. Surviving War as a Caregiver: A Personal Account

Paula O'Keefe

Section Three-Sender Care

26. Best Practice Guidelines

Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission-Global Connections,UK

Code of Best Practice in Member Care-Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

27. Care and Support of Local Staff in Christian Humanitarian Ministry

John Fawcett, with case study by Viola Mukasa

28. Administrative Guidelines for Remaining or Returning

Laura Mae Gardner

29. Reinventing Missionary Commitment

Kath Donovan and Ruth Myors

30. Running Well and Resting Well: Twelve Tools for Missionary Life

Kelly O'Donnell and Michèle Lewis O'Donnell

Section Four-Specialist Care

31. A Guest in Their World

Karen Carr

*Pastoral/Spiritual Care

32. Pastoral Encouragement: Seven Letters to Christian Workers

Lareau Lindquist

33. Reviewing Personal Spirituality: Reflections on Work with Overseas Personnel

Annie Hargrave

*Physical/Medical Care

34. Helping Missionaries Start Healthy and Stay Healthy

Michael E. Jones and Kenneth Gamble

35. Health and Safety Guidelines for Preventing Accidents

InterHealth and People in Aid

*Training/Career Care

36. Career Development for Mission Personnel

Gordon Jones and Rosemary Jones

37. Training Asian Counselors for Missionary Care

Ron Noll and Barbara Rohnert-Noll

*Team Building/Interpersonal

38. Building Resilent Teams: The CACTUS Kit

Kelly O'Donnell

39. The Potential and Pitfalls of Multicultural Mission Teams

David Greenlee, Yong Joon Cho, and Abraham Thulare


40. Caring for Missionary Families: Applications from the Military

Hans V. Ritschard

41. Supporting Expatriate Women in Difficult Settings

Annemie Grosshauser


42. A Mindset and Department for Member Care

Bruce Swanson

43. The Perils of Pioneering: Responsible Logistics for Hostile Places

Steve Holloway and Kitty Holloway


44. Guidelines for Crisis and Routine Debriefing

Debbie Lovell

45. Human Rights Advocacy in Missions

Wilfred Wong


46. Field Counseling: Sifting the Wheat from the Chaff

Leonard J. Cerny II and Dave S. Smith

47. The Cross of Christ in Debriefing and Ethnic Reconciliation

Erik Spruyt, Rhiannon Lloyd, and Renée Schudel

Section 5-Network Care

48. Developing Member Care Affiliations

Kelly O'Donnell

49. Global Member Care Resource List

Harry Hoffmann and Kelly O'Donnell

50. Touring the Terrain: An International Sampler of Member Care Books

Kelly O'Donnell