The Lethbridge Papers: Index and editorial notes

The Lethbridge-Vial letters were transcribed from copies provided by the Somerset Record Office.  These copies were numbered sequentially by the archivist: this numbering was retained to identify individual documents during the process of transcribing them.  The directory of letters (below) provides a complete chronological key to the correspondence. 

Directory of Letters (Chronological)

Key to directory of letters

 M J V Mary Jane Vial; also refers to letters signed as M. J. St. Julian and M. J. Godwin
 J L John Lethbridge
 R B Robert Beadon, Lethbridge's Taunton attorney
 W L White William Lambert White, attorney and banker of Yeovil: acted for Mary Jane Vial in regard to payment of her allowance from Lethbridge
 James Ireland Prominent Bristol citizen and Justice of the Peace, involved in the administration of parish charity in Brislington.
 "A C" Female friend and former London landlady of Mary Jane Vial: her identity is unknown.
 Numbers assigned to letters by me, in order of date of writing.  Where the date was not written either by the author or the recipient, I have where possible deduced an approximate date from content and contextual clues. 
 SRO Number The Somerset Record Office Catalogue No. for the documents collectively is DD\DP 17/11.  The Archivist sequentially numbered the copies I obtained, from 1 to 49.  Nos. 30 and 31 were inadvertantly used twice: I have shown these as 30A and 31A.  No.37 comprised 13 slips fastened together: I have shown these as 37A to M.  My variations are marked with an asterisk (*).

Editorial symbols

[?]                    Unidentified addressee, date, person or place

[?May]              Editorial conjecture of addressee, date, place or word

[Yeovil]             Known addressee, place or date

[Postmarked]    Editorially supplied information or comment

[i....d]                Letters or words illegible or missing

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