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1799 to 1800

September 1799 to December 1800

 1799 September 5:  MJV writes to Beadon: she is in Tintinhull, staying with a Mrs. Crozier, who is Mrs. Graham’s sister. Captain and Mrs. Graham have moved to Plymouth. MJV’s situation has been “fully enquired into” by the local people since her release. She believes JL has made her letters to him public: she does not think Kingdon acted against her without prompting from another source. She intends moving to Yeovil, where through the patronage of Mrs. Daniel, Mrs. Goodford and friends she hopes to be established in some literary line. She hopes in about a week to visit her son and place her daughter in the same place. She refers to having heard in Yeovil of Miss Lethbridge’s elopement with Mr. Trevyllian.*  [#21]

* Since Dorothea Lethbridge married Capt. (later Sir) Henry Powell Collins in 1800, and Frances married Capt. Charles Henry Rich in 1806, the elopement was presumably either gossip only, or shortlived.

Sep 11:  MJV writes to Beadon from Ilchester. She is going to place Mary Jane with her brother, as she needs to be free of interruption for a few months. She will tell Beadon where they are if necessary.  [#22]

It appears MJV takes up residence in Ilchester, and earns a living by needlework  [#23]

November 22:  William Lambert White, solicitor of Yeovil, writes to Beadon (who he obviously knows) to intercede on behalf of Mary Jane Vial and the infant of which JL is the father. The boarding school where Mary Jane is placed costs 10 guineas per year plus 16s. for each vacation: there is not enough over to pay for clothing, or for MJV’s support. He hopes Beadon will reopen the matter with Lethbridge and seek to increase the amount of the allowance.  [#23]

"You are not a stranger to a poor forsaken Girl of the name of Vial, whose sad story would melt a heart of stone...She is capable of everything that genius can achieve, and possesses a mind fraught with every tender and grateful sentiment...Mrs. Vial has placed the infant of which Mr. L. is the Father, and which is as much like him as I ever saw a Child like a Father."

Beadon raises the matter with JL, who declines to increase the allowance.  [#27]

December 19:   MJV decides to leave her lodgings in Ilchester and take a room with the widow in whose home the two children are boarded. Charles is in poor health. Despite the generous assistance of friends, she finds that the nature of her situation is getting in the way of her securing work in the [literary] line: she needs to suspend these endeavours in order to be sure of making a basic living. She writes to Beadon to tell him, and to acknowledge receipt of three pounds allowance. She will tell him her address in time for the next remittance.  [#25]

1800 January 7:  Ilchester. MJV has moved the children to a new place, as she could not afford to keep them where they were previously. Mr. Poole, a surgeon of Ilchester, Mr White, and other friends, have raised a subscription to provide for Charles’ support until something is settled on him by his “natural friends”. Mr. Poole has undertaken to guarantee payment of the children’s board in their new place. MJV asks Beadon to remit the allowance to Mr. White, who will pay it forward to Mr. Poole. She tells Beadon that Mary Jane is “quite well and a most lovely infant”.  [#26]

March 24:  MJV is leaving Ilchester. She will travel to Tintenhull and then to London. Beadon and White have arranged to make allowance payments twice yearly when they meet at the Assize Sessions. MJV writes to thank Beadon for his help and kindly interest. Mr Inson and Mr. White will be able to apprise him of their welfare in future should he wish to inquire. She asks Mr Beadon not to tell JL her destination (i.e. London), “as you may suppose what mischief would ensue if known to Mr. L. whose cruel proceedings at Brislington have been the cause of a publicity that has almost baffled every endeavour to fix me respectably”. She asks Beadon to forward an enclosed letter to Mrs. Sutton, and send the reply with Mr. Inson. A “Baronet of Yorkshire” is making representations to the Gaulis family on her son’s behalf.May: MJV and her son Charles Clairmont are taken under the protection of a “family of rank”. [#27]

"I am infinitely gratified to have an opportunity to thank you in the sincerest manner for your late kind exertions with him in consequence of Mr. White's letter -- his negative I fully expected...I agree with you in thinking that the subject should not be pressed upon him any more -- the time will come when a most imperious monitor will plead our cause! -- I confess, I still expect from him ultimate reparation!"

August 5:  MJV writes to Mr Beadon, reminding him that six pounds are due to be remitted to Mr White on 3rd August. Her protectors have undertaken to obtain an allowance from Charles’ father’s friends (i.e. the Gaulis family and friends), and to obtain her a place of “comfort, affluence and happiness”.  [#29]

MJV moves to London some time after this.  Allowance continues to be paid via Beadon and White at the rate of 5/- per week.