Research Scientist at

Norce/Uni Research Climate Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research Bergen Norway

Research Areas

  • Variability and dynamics of Northern Hemisphere extratropical atmospheric circulations
  • Climate impacts of large-scale atmospheric flows and climate forcings on Euro-Atlantic area
  • Monsoon
  • Buoyancy-driven flows in natural and engineering systems


  • Bjerknes Centre homepage features our paper about 2 degree global warming completed in response to the Paris Agreement

  • Bjerknes Centre homepage features our new BAMS article

  • A movie of internal waves in a jar I made was also subject of a short article on the Bjerknes website in 2016.
  • What is the climate system?

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About My Work

Long-range atmospheric prediction relies on physical sources of predictability. Understanding these physical drivers and how they affect the climate helps to evaluate and improve our prediction systems. My current research focuses on climate processes in autumn and winter seasons that can be relevant for subseasonal to seasonal predictability in the Northern Hemisphere. In particular, I study the influences of tropical sea surface temperature and Arctic sea ice as climate drivers. The mechanisms, which are important fundamentally as well as interesting, can involve tropospheric propagations, troposphere-stratosphere interaction, or air-surface feedbacks. I have extensive experience in numerical models, scientific computing, high-performance computing, and statistical and dynamical analyses in climate research.

Recent Papers

  • Tsai et al, 2019, Int J Therm Sci

Transitions and scaling in horizontal convection driven by different temperature profiles

  • King et al, 2018, BAMS

Importance of late fall ENSO teleconnection in the Euro-Atlantic sector

  • Li et al, 2018, ESD

Midlatitude atmospheric circulation responses under 1.5C and 2.0C warming and implications for regional impacts

  • Pontopiddan et al, 2018, JGR

Improving the reliability and added value of dynamical downscaling via correction of large-scale errors: A Norwegian perspective

  • Yu et al, 2017, Clim Dyn

Asian droughts in the last millennium: a search for robust impacts of Pacific Ocean surface temperature variabilities

  • King et al, 2017, Clim Dyn

Interannual tropical Pacific sea surface temperature anomalies teleconnection to Northern Hemisphere atmosphere in November

  • Herceg-Bulic et al, 2017, IJOC

Wintertime ENSO influence on late spring European climate: the stratospheric response and the role of North Atlantic SST

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