Social Psychology Research

I'm a social psychologist in the School of Psychology at the University of Newcastle, Australia. My research focuses on the social group processes that underpin social identity, stereotyping, prejudice, social exclusion, and mental health. In the area of social identity, I've published several highly-cited articles that defend social identity theory against its critics and call for more sophisticated tests of its hypotheses. In the area of stereotyping, I've identified new processes that explain why people perceive members of social groups to be “all the same.” My work on prejudice has identified cognitive and motivational factors that predict bias against “category-inconsistent” people such as migrants and counterstereotypical individuals. Working with Stefania Paolini, I have also shown that negative intergroup contact is a more powerful predictor of out-group attitudes than positive intergroup contact. Finally, in the area of social exclusion, I've identified personality, motivational, and resource-related variables that predict social integration and exclusion, including migrant integration and the exclusion of working-class students from social life at university.

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