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During my period in private companies (1993-2003) I worked in Human-Computer Interaction, Multiplatform User Interfaces and Advanced Web Technologies. In the pre-doctoral period (2003-2009) I was focused on Semantic Web. In my first post-doctoral period (2009-2014) I combined my main line in Semantic Web and Linked Data with a research line based on non-immersive virtual worlds. From 2014 I also work with Natural Language applied to Linked Data, specifically, ontology lexicalization and software systems aimed at creating guided pseudo-natural language queries.

Semantic Web and Linked Data

I am interested in methods to create user interfaces capable of allowing to people not skilled at Semantic Web technologies an intuitive access to the Web of Data.

I belong to the DBpedia Internationalization Committee. I am the contact person for the Spanish language and creator of es.dbpedia.org
I have participated in the organization of several events of the Linked Data Spanish Network (I esDBpedia mapping workshopII esDBpedia Workshop, III esDBpedia Workshop) and I have been speaker in events related to Open Data, Linked Data and eGovernment:
LOD cloud

The most relevant projects in which I have participated 

- SlideWiki (EU project)
LIDER     (EU project)
- Wf4Ever  (EU project)
- Infra esDBpedia (my first project as PI). See I&D&i at UPM.

Although I started my research (DEA) on Semantic Web Services, my doctoral thesis (in Amazon) was focused on reducing the adoption barrier that Semantic Web technologies present to application developers and final users. From the scientific papers have appeared several dissemination papers.


Linguistics and Linked Data

My current project (funded by the Spanish Research Ministry under the "Juan de la Cierva" call) aims at creating software tools to create sentences in several languages from semantic data. In collaboration with the Semantic Computing Group at Bielefeld university, I have developed the Lemonade tool suite, a set of tools to create high-quality ontology lexicalizations.

From these multilingual lexicalizations I am working on a web user interface to allow users with no technical skills, an easy creation of questions (guided pseudo-natural language) to query semantic data repositories.



Non immersive Virtual Worlds

Shortly before finishing my PhD in Semantic Web, I became interested in non-immersive virtual worlds through an initiative arising in EPS to create a virtual-EPS in SecondLife. This initiative had a great impact in the media, because it allowed us to receive students interested in pursuing EPS careers in an environment much more comfortable than the traditional.

Projects in which I have participated 

Biotech Virtual Lab

Grupo de desarrollo de PEIA-UPM



Best Paper Award in category "Infrastructure and Technologies for Engineering Education" in EDUCON 2012.
 - Award Computerworld for the technological transformation in Eduction. Although my relationship with the GATE ended long ago, I feel this 2016's award a little bit mine.