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UPMArtificial Intelligence Department at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
UAMComputer Science Department at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. 

Course 2017-2018

  • Big Data Visualization (Visualizing large datasets in the Semantic Web), into to the subject Data Science Seminars (belonging to Master EIT ICT Labs in ICT Innovation: Data Science and Máster universitario en ingeniería informática, both at UPM).  Teacher of the course (4.5 ECTS). My contribution: 0.5 ECTS (8h). taught in English. Second semester.
  • Semantic Web and linked datain the Master's Degree in Research in Artificial Intelligence (online) at International University Menéndez Pelayo. Professor of the course (4,5 ECTS). My contribution: 0.7 ECTS (7h).
  • Practices in Automata and languages (Computing Engineering Grade and double grade in CS+Math) at EPS-UAM. Associate professor (4.5 ECTS). First semester.
  • Practices in Fundamentals of Computer Systems (Telecommunication Engineering Grade) at EPS-UAM. Associate professor (4.5 ECTS). Second semester.

Course 2017-2018

Course 2016-2017

Course 2015-2016

Course 2014-2015

                        No teaching assignment. I was 100% focused on research. 

    Course 2013-2014

    • Direction and management of scientific and technological projects (Master I2-TIC). Honorary teacher of the course (2 ECTS). My contribution: 1/3 subject.

    Course 2012-2013

    Course 2011-2012

    Course 2010-2011

    Course 2009-2010

    • Computer Fundamentals II. Second semester at UC3M. Telecommunication Engineering. Taught in English.

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