Last Update: Juin 2020


Nov 2 2020 - Interview on Brain-Computer Interfaces for the Journal of CNRS

Jan 31 2020 - I will be giving a workshop on Riemannin Geometry for BCIs at the next meeting of the International BCI Society, June 8-11, held near Bruxelles, with Sylvain Chevallier, Louis Korczowski and Florien Yger.

Dec 10 2019 - We are organizing the 4th Meeting of the CORTICO BCI Society in Autrans, near Grenoble . I will give a free minischool on Riemannian Geometry for BCIs with Alexandre Barachant.

Jul 5 2019 - We have released P300-based BCI EEG data collected over the past 7 years on 273 subjects, totalling data for more than 700 sessions (See here).

Jun 13 2019 - We will keep a stand for demonstrating the "Brain Invaders" BCI-based video game at the "Forum de NIMS", at the MC2 of Grenoble.

Feb 5 2019 - Article on "la Croix".

Jan 1 2019 - I am invited to give a talk at the "Journées humain et numérique en interaction" organized by INS2I of CNRS.