My Profile

My name is Sergey Malenkov, but friends call me SAM. I was born in Tallinn, and I lived there all my childhood, except for a couple of years that I spent in Smolensk for family reasons. Then, when Estonia was separated from Russia in 1991, I was forced to move to St. Petersburg, where I entered the Leningrad Institute of Aerospace Instrumentation. I graduated in 1996, and then I continued my postgraduate education there. Now I live and work in St. Petersburg.

I graduated with a degree in Computer Science Engineering and started to work as a system administrator in the city government center. My specialty is System Programming, so I quickly changed my occupation and became a software engineer. Previously, I had worked at the following companies: STAR SPB, Borland, Luxoft, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle since Oracle acquired Sun. Now I have been working at JetBrains.

It sounds funny, but my hobby is programming. I like to improve and optimize code. Some big improvements in Java I've made in my free time. Also, I'm interested in game development. Sometimes I play soccer and ping pong, sometimes I prefer computer games.

I am married to a wonderful woman and have three great kids. It's a big part of my world, but I do not forget my friends. The doors of our house are always open to them.