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My name is Maja

I'm from Poland, I live on La Palma, Canary Islands.

What expertise and training I draw from

It seems like in constant learning there will be never a place in which I can talk about expertise. I have a Bachelor Degree in horticulture, I spent years learning about aquaponics and now I am in process of learning about Integral Permaculture. I spent my life wondering about the mysteries of life. All of that somehow comes together in whatever knowledge and experience I have.

What I care about and love doing

I have grown into certainty that what I care about most is the soil. I cherish all the natural world and have a really intimate and important relationship with it, but I have been blessed with a special connection to the soil. The idea that I can help to regenerate it brings vital energy into my life.

The thing I like doing the most is admiring beauty. I also like dancing, cuddling, painting, singing, talking etc., but it seems like all of that comes to one thing - admiring beauty - even if that beauty is "just" the present moment.