halloween safety tips                 

from SPiN

1.  Children should not go out during daylight hours unless accompanied by a responsible adult.

2. Do not allow children to eat any candy until you are able to properly inspect it.

3. Have your child carry a flashlight, glow stick or put reflective tape on their costume to make them more visible to cars.

4. Older children who are able to go “trick or treating” in a group, should be advised to plan a safe route with parents and set a specific time for their return home.

5. Instruct your children not to cut through back alleys or fields and stay in well-lighted areas.

6.  Instruct your child to never go into the home of a stranger or get into their car.

7. For small children, place emergency identification information tag discreetly inside their clothing in case they become separated from the group. 

8. Discuss with your children the difference between tricks and vandalism.

9. Clear your yard and sidewalk of obstacles or decorations that are difficult to see in the dark.

Have a very safe and fun Halloween!




United States Veteran's, with Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray, Mrs. Puliatte, West End Principal and some students.  The United States Veteran's presented a Flag Etiquette Assembly for all students at West End in honor of Veteran's Day. 


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As part of a continual districtwide effort to combat substance abuse by students, North Middle School eighth-graders attended a presentation about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse conducted by the Long Island Council ...read more

A total of 77 district students in grades 5-12 performed at
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As you know, West End Elementary School is using the Second Step: A Violence Prevention Curriculum to help our students

 think about, develop, and practice positive social skills. Second Step is a program that is based on social emotional learning which has been proven to have a direct impact on bully awareness and prevention. Families play a crucial role in the success of the Second Step program! Communication materials corresponding to the units being covered will continue to be sent home. For additional information about Second Step, the Second Step tab


West End NY Islanders Assembly - November 1st
 Rest in Peace Dr. Santo J. Barbarino (Dr. B)   
You will be missed by all at West End! 

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School Safety  

A Lockout is a procedure which prevents unauthorised persons from entering the school and is commonly used when the threat is general or the incident is occurring in the immediate area of the school. This procedure allows school activities to continue as normal during the outside disruption.

A Lockdown is a procedure used when there is an immediate threat to the school eg. school intruders. Lockdown minimises access to the school and secures staff and students in rooms. As part of this procedure, everyone must remain inside until the situation has been declared safe by an authorised person eg. Principal or Superintendent