The Lower Merion Crew team needs your time and support. Parents and family members are strongly encouraged to be active volunteers throughout the season. Here are descriptions of many of the roles we need help with during the season:

Trailer/Tent Committee: This group is responsible for towing the box trailer to and from the regattas, and the set up of the food tents. Owning vehicles capable of towing the box trailer is highly desirable. Understand this requires towing and set-up in the early morning hours before the regattas (5-6 am).

Food Tent: Coordinate food at the parents tent during all regattas. This requires planning and shopping during the week, and being at the river to manage the food tent during all regattas (this position is best handled by 2 people).

Publicity: Photograph our team at practice and regattas, send articles about the team to area newspapers, update photos on the website.

Banquet: Responsible for planning end-of year Crew Banquet for athletes and parents, working with the coaches on awards and letters to be given for the season.

Spirit Dinners: Families host a team dinner (at their home) for all athletes the night before regattas. Host families typically provide entrees, athletes bring drinks and desserts.

Additional responsibilities strongly encouraged of all parents during the season:

  • Oversight for thank-you letters written by athletes for all donations received.
  • Provide food for the food tent. Each family is expected to contribute food on regatta days for the athletes and their families.
  • Volunteer to help out at the food tent. Jobs include managing the grill, setting up the tent, and assisting the tent coordinators

Attendance at Regattas is strongly encouraged!

Love the sport and want to do more? Consider joining the Crew Board. Here are some of the positions available to highly involved parents:

Commodore: Head of the LM Crew Association. Works closely with the coaches. In charge of planning, vision and coordination of all parent activities supporting the LM Crew Team.

Vice-Commodore: Assists the commodore with whatever is necessary.

Treasurer: Responsible for financial transactions, managing the money paid into LM Crew (from dues,fundraising, and donations), all outgoing expenses, and a yearly budget.

Keeper of the Log: Secretary of LM Crew Association responsible for meeting minutes and other organizational duties as needed.

Communications: Works closely with the commodore to send out important information to the parents and athletes via the list-serve. Helps manage the website.

Clothing: Works closely with the head coach during the fall to determine what clothing is required, set up the clothing order link through the web-site to allow parents to order clothing, place the order (in January) and distribute clothing when it arrives.

Fund-raising: Responsible for the ergathon and letter-writing campaign, which is the primary fund- raiser for the LM Crew Team (held in February at LM High School). This can also involve strategic planning for other sources of funding, through corporate donations, raffles, parent socials, etc.


To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact our volunteer chairperson: Beth Bennett, bennett.cachon@gmail.com