The Bear Uniform & Supplies

Pack 1 is a 'belt up' Pack.  We do not require Scout socks, shorts or pants.  You should have nice short and pants that have belt loops.

Tiger, Wolf, and Bear uniforms are the same except for the neckerchief, slide and optional hat.

  • Bear Handbook
  • Blue Shirt (Short Sleeve)
  • Bear Neckerchief (Pack provided)
  • Bear Slide (Pack provided)
  • Cub Scout Blue Belt
  • Cub Scout Buckle (has a Wolf on it, used for Tiger, Wolf and Bear)
This will be the last year for their blue shirt.  In 4th grade when you become a Webelo you get the Tan shirt.

  • BSA Hat
  • BSA Blue Pants or Shorts
  • Handbook Cover
  • Red 'Brag' Vest

Each Year:
  • New Neckerchief (Pack provided)
  • New Slide (Pack provided)
  • New Handbook (Required)
  • New BSA Hat (optional)

The Uniform Code:

Your son should/will be encouraged to wear his uniform appropriately.  The shirt should always be tucked in and orderly. He should understand the importance of representing the entire Boy Scout Organization while in uniform.  

Time to Sew?
Here is info on where to sew those patches.

Patches You'll need to Buy
  • World Crest Scout Emblem
  • Council Patch (Longhorn)
  • Pack Number (1)
  • Den Number
To get an idea of pricing, or to order items online, visit  This is the official online scout shop.  They should have the same prices as our local scout shop. 

Patches You don't need to Buy

Flag comes sewn onto shirt already.

Any Rank Advancement, Adventure or Participation Badge, Patch, Pin or Belt Loop that your boy earns will be awarded (at no cost) during the Monthly Pack Meetings.  You will need to sew on patches, but they are provided.

Where to Purchase Items

Before most pack meetings we make a trip to the Scout Shop.  You might contact the Advancement Chair if you need a patch or two - we might be able to save you a trip and pick them up for you.  You are also welcome to order any needed items online or however you like.

Here is a link to info on our Scout Shops.

When to Wear the Uniform (Class-A) and the Pack T-Shirt (Class-B)

Click here to learn more about when to wear the uniform and the Pack T-shirt.