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Water Battle

This annual event kicks off the year with a splash and brings the boys back together as a Pack to have some fun in the hot Texas sun.  This is also the first event for any new members of the Pack to participate with their Dens.

The Pack provides the empty water balloons, you fill them up and bring them ready to splat!  Feel free to bring your balloon launchers and catapults.  Safety will be enforced so use good judgement.

The best way to transport your filled water balloons to the designated battleground is in a cooler or laundry basket.  Bring balloons filled to different capacities to be used for better short or long range efficiency.
Also don't forget about shields.  The best way to protect yourself from a direct hit is to deflect it.  Goggles are also a good idea.

The battleground will be divided so that each team has an 'endzone' where they store their supplies.  There will be a middle line which the sides cannot cross.  Den's will be divided up into sides forming two Pack teams.
When the horn blows the battle begins and the only goal is to get wet and have fun!

Balloons can be filled with WATER ONLY.  No other fillings!

Water guns are also allowed, just be sure to transport water in a cooler or 
something for refilling.

The battle lasts around 20 minutes and then when things settle down we form a couple of patrol lines and sweep the battlefield for debris and Leave No Trace.

The total time for this event is one hour and held within the neighborhood.