'Thank you so much for writing this workshop.  It has helped me make sense of a lot of confusing feelings, and helped me see where I was continuing to blame myself unreasonably.  I have been able to let go of a situation that was causing me immense stress.  The workshop was clear and easy to read, full of insight and common sense, and the worksheets really helped me work through all the issues.' Claire - Bristol




 Do you know the difference between healthy and toxic guilt? 

Can you distinguish between guilt that is driven by conscience, pressure or manipulation? 

Are you able to identify when obsessive worrying or shame is complicating guilt?

Would you benefit from some effective techniques that can assist you in freeing yourself from the unnecessary guilt you carry? 

If so then this online workshop is for you: 

In this workshop you will discover the different types of guilt and accompanying emotions, explore effective solutions and continue your journey towards living YOUR best life.

Frequent or overwhelming bouts of guilt can contribute to and exacerbate any emotional problem, often leaving us feeling exhausted, stressed, anxious and depressed.  We experience guilt when we feel we are not living up to our own or others expectations, but are those expectations always reasonable?  If we set ourselves impossibly high standards for our behaviour, we will not only feel emotionally drained, but this will also have a negative impact on our levels of self-esteem.  When the purpose of guilt is supposed to be beneficial to us all as a society, we have to consider where we might be going wrong.

This workshop includes many innovative ideas and original text on the experience of guilt.  A number of worksheets are included so that you can actively take part in identifying and applying the solutions to your guilt straight away.  The workshop is suitable for individuals, or for Counsellors or Life Coaches wishing to run workshops on Toxic Guilt.  

The Toxic Guilt online workshop costs only £4.99 and will be delivered digitally to your e-mail address.  


Private sessions, face to face or over the telephone can also be booked with Sasha if you would like to work through any aspects of the workshop with an expert.

 Contact Brighter Life now to order your copy of this workshop, or to book a private session with Sasha.