People often come to counselling when they feel stuck or have reached a crossroads in some area of their lives.  Clients often say they feel depressed, de-motivated, stressed, upset, worn out, are having difficulties in their relationships or are overwhelmed by guilt.  Positive counselling is indeed about working through the above elements, but it is also about much, much more ...........

To me counselling offers a state of contentment, peace, joy and acceptance in life.  It is about finding you, finding out who you truly are, and discovering your strengths and your life’s purpose, that motivating force that will inspire you to be the best you can be.  

It is about renewing your commitment to satisfy the deepest and most profound needs of your soul.  Re-learning to love you …….. for who you are …….. for who you truly are at your core.  Releasing your spirit to find freedom in our world and tapping into your internal source of personal power. 

It is about finding courage and strength to move forward where you were once a victim of circumstance. Appreciating the things in life that we already have but take for granted, and to have the bravery to reach out for those things that we know will fill us with joy.  Those things that seem unattainable because if we acknowledge our hope and desire we feel the fear of hitting a wall of disillusionment, disappointment and rejection. 

  It is about letting go of the need for you or others to reach perfection.  It is giving up the desire to see things as black or white or good or bad and looking instead, for what feels right for you, and accepting that others have their own perception of what is right for them.

 Positive counselling is about communication, deep, loving and caring communication with those you love.  It is about building respectful relationships that nourish and re-energise you.  It is about meeting those fellow travellers that recognise the journey you are on because they are already on their own.

Counselling is about you.  Your soul, your happiness, your energy and your profound uniqueness.