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Boscoyo Chroma Flakes

Problem: The 18" Phillips snowflake rope lights have been dying off and Target has not been selling replacements plus I want to switch them over to pixel.
Solution: Switch over to Boscoyo Chroma snowflakes. They are designed for pixels and give a good surface for color wash. It is important that I don't have to do a ton of cutting and soldering strings back together. Given the number of flakes I need to do I want to keep this as simple as possible.

  • ~24" wide.
  • 12mm holes for 48 pixels
  • Made from 10mm white plastic coro
Link Boscoyo Chroma Flakes Xlights Custom Model layouts. [Excel Spreadsheet]
Link Boscoyo Chroma Flakes Light-O-Rama Fixture visualization files. [ZIP file]

Demo Materials:
Needed Materials:
  • QTY 8 24"-Boscoyo Chroma Flakes
  • QTY 12? 44"-Boscoyo Chroma Flakes

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