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Listen To Our Lights 2012

In 2012 we moved into our new house in September. That left very little time to pull things together in time to do a light show for Christmas. We had to come up with a new channel configuration and port over as many songs as we could. Before the treeline was split across both sides of the yard, but I thought it would look better here pulled together into one.

Watch our behind the scenes video on the right for tips on how to do your own mega Christmas light display. It isn't nearly as complex or as expensive as what most people think. Basically you use any old computer, a radio connected to the headphones jack, and some off the shelf light controllers. Then you just plug in regular Christmas lights into the plugs on the controllers and that is it for setup. Programming the songs is like using a very basic spreadsheet and there are all sorts of tools to make the job easier. 
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How-To do a Mega Light Show

Gangnam Style

This song was added to the playlist at the last minute. Kids came home from school talking about it after exercising to it during gym class. We did a few KPOP songs last year and had alot of fun with them so I sequenced this one too. Took about 2-3 hours to sequence this song.

Needless to say we were very surprised and somewhat overwhelmed at the attention this video received. With over 1 million hits in a week the video appeared on CNN, FoxNews, GMA, Today, plus a host of local news outlets across the globe. The only thing left is for PSY himself to come dance with the lights.

The plan was to include this song after Christmas and before New Year's but neighbors visiting the display emailed us looking for the song so it is part of the normal lineup.

Gangnam Style

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