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Listen to our Lights 2016

Plans for 2016

In 2015 I had 2,200 pixels with the show being run by Light-O-Rama. In some cases, if I did alot of effects at the same time I saw some lag in the output. So for 2016 I'm more than doubling the number of pixels so my first project is improving my topology to something that will scale. This means converting the display from playing on Light-O-Rama software to running on Falcon Christmas FPP instead.

Put my pre-order in with Seasonal Entertainment for 2750 more WS2811 12v 12mm bullet pixels. My plan is to do all of the snowflakes on the face of the house as pixels. My 18" Phillips rope light snowflakes are all dying. The 42" snowflakes are pretty flimsy so I'm planning on use plastic coro snowflakes from Boscoyo Studios. Also adding another Falcon F16v2 controller.