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Listen To Our Lights 2015

Did you miss Expo? Have no fear, Academy 7 is right around the corner on August 8 & 9th in Houston. There I'll be teaching a 3 part sequencing class using mostly LOR, but also leveraging the best of Nutcracker, Audacity, and Vegomatic. We will start from scratch and build a sequence in class.

Class materials can be downloaded here.

Hope to see you at Christmas Expo 2015. I'll be teaching a set of classes called "Sequencing Fun and Easy". Class materials (slides, sequence files, timing files, plans, etc.) can be downloaded from Google Drive.

Click here to see our 2014 Light Display.

What's new for 2015? Well here are a few things, but were not giving it all away :)

Pixel Snowflakes.

My presale order from Seasonal Entertainment arrived including 17 new strings of WS2811 pixels. For gins I stuffed some into a Philips 24" Glitter String Snowflake and it looks great!


Have you seen when a town or theme park does their Christmas lighting ceremony? Seems there is always a pretty lady, or cute kid that after a energetic countdown presses a big red button and all the lights come on at once and the crowd goes nuts. I've always wanted to do that. Have a big red button for when the family and neighbors come over for the big first show of the season. 

So the other year I bought a big 100mm red button typically used in arcade machines. Last year pixels took way more time than I expected so I didn't get around to figuring out how to start the show with a big red button, but turns out it was super easy. 

Click [here] for details.

RGB Floods:

Installed 3 RGB floods on porch, and tested their performance with extension cords and I'm very happy that I'm going to be able to put RGB floods pretty much anywhere I want. Planning on buy another set of 8 plus controller during the Light-O-Rama March sale (might happen in April). I bought my first set last year, but was too busy to put them up. Plus I loved playing with them in my office that I wasn't motivated to move them outside right away. I plan on these being year round lights. Red for Valentine's day, Green for St. Patricks, etc.


February 2015: One of our planned additions for 2015 is two Mega Wreaths. These will replace smaller wreaths that I had on both sides of the house. The old wreaths fit in the holes of these new 48" wreaths. Click [here] for details on how I did my Mega Wreaths. Each wreath has 125 individually programmable pixel LED lights.

January 2015: Yeah, all the lights are down and put away. Feeling ahead of schedule now because I've also fixed a few strings and 5 snowflakes. Also, I've put in all my pre-orders for next season. Going to do more with RGB pixels, hoping for more deer, plus an upgrade for the wreaths, some RGB floods, plus who knows what else.