Come hang out with me as I live stream working on my light display to see how we do sequencing, hardware, planning, power injection, and how we sometimes make mistakes and recover from them. Goal here is to get some human interaction, do something different and have some FREE FUN. Join me Thursday evenings at 7 PM and Sunday afternoons at 1:30 PM (Central Time)

Virtual Christmas Summit 2021

April 10, 2021: How Not to Whip Your Neighbors into an Angry Mob

Avoid the common pitfalls that will lead to the eventual demise of every successful light display. Discussion on how to have an amazing display while being a good neighbor.

Link to [Slides]

Virtual Christmas Summit 2021

April 11, 2021 @1-3PM CST: Stupid, Easy xLights Sequencing for Beginners

We will sequence an entire song during the class. Slides with step-by-step instructions for recreating the sequence allows you to go back and repeat the tutorial at your own pace. Designed for beginner to intermediate. We cover the core concepts and you can play and explore to fill in the gaps on your own.

Click on [Zoom link] at 1PM for Class.

Link to [Slides]; Link to [Sequence/Tutorial]

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Check out our Youtube Channel - Where we post videos of our light display including our full 2020 Playlist, Behind the scenes and How do we store it all? videos.

FREE Sequences from our show to use on your show.

The house has about 25,000 pixel lights that can be set to any color and any brightness. This year we are running the lights at about 30% brightness, which saves on power and seizure medication.

We synchronize the lights to music. The show is loosely themed on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, but we throw in alot of other songs we like too Christmas and non-Christmas alike.

What's New? New this year are MORE snowflakes. We have 100 snowflakes in the display that are 12 inches or wider. We also added 3600 pixels to the big trees out front. The look of the big trees is a little rough since we had trouble (meaning a trip to the ER) getting the mounting hoop on top of the tree. Everyone's okay, and the trees look 'good' enough. Last year we added pixel icicles and liked them so much that we added more.

Did a COVID show around Easter as a neighborhood pick-me-up using just the deer.

We are the Storms family and we love Christmas lights and Christmas decorations. We load up on Christmas lights inside and out and have been synchronizing lights to music since 2010.

Located in Cedar Park, Texas.