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Legal Aid

Generally speaking legal aid can pay our costs if the charge is serious and you are on a low income. Middle and higher income earners can get legal aid  if the case goes to the Crown Court but are likely to have to pay a contribution but if disposable income exceeds £37,500 you will not be eligible. Your partner's income and savings are included in the calculation.

More up to date information can be found direct from the Ministry of Justice website HERE and a guide to financial eligibility HERE

There is a spreadsheet below that will calculate if you are financially eligible. You can download the spreadsheet below by clicking the down arrow to the right of it. 

If you are on basic state benefits or if your income is below £12425 a year (including any partner) you are likely to qualify. If you are above that amount you may still qualify depending on your housing costs and some other expenses.

If the calculator indicates you may qualify then you can complete the legal aid application forms (Crim 14 and 15) online. The forms will not "save" when completed.  You must print the forms off before leaving your internet browser. If you do not have a printer we can recommend downloading "DoPDF" which will act as a printer and save the print version of the document to your chosen computer memory. Get DoPDF here.

To "save to pdf" via the DoPDF "printer" you right click anywhere on the form and select "print".

If you are a client of this firm you could then email the form/s to us for checking - telephone us on 01372 728941for our email address. We will then send it back for your signature. 

If you do have a printer you right click anywhere on the form and select "print". You can post the form/s to us already signed where required on the form/s: Address -  Lionel Blackman Solicitors, Upper Chambers, 7 Waterloo Road, Epsom, Surrey KT19 8AY.


All legal aid applicants must complete form Crim 14 - you can do so via this link: CRIM 14  
Leave blank any tricky legal questions for us to do. 

Applicants not on basic state benefits or earning above £12425 per year will need to also complete form Crim 15 (see Crim 14 for further guidance) - you can do so via this link:  CRIM 15

Some questions on the Crim 15 require further answers on a continuation form known as Crim 15c. You can complete that form via this link: CRIM 15C

Full guidance on the completion of the forms can be found HERE

In the event of an application for legal aid being rejected on financial grounds it may be possible to appeal on the grounds of financial hardship. The forms of application and guidance can be found if you look for Crim 16 on the following Ministry of Justice web site page


CLICK HERE for important information concerning your potential financial liabilities if you are convicted in the Crown Court and were legally aided.
Lionel Blackman,
30 Jan 2014, 22:35
Lionel Blackman,
30 Jan 2014, 22:35