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Lionel Blackman Solicitors Upper Chambers 7 Waterloo Road Epsom Surrey KT19 8AY  

01372 728941

Our services include:


Representation at the police station when you are under arrest or attending as a volunteer. These services are free of charge to all regardless of your income. However, there are restrictions on how far we can travel in legally aided cases and for police stations more than 20 miles from Epsom we may have to ask the local duty solicitor to act for you at that stage of your case.

VIRTUALLY ALL CRIMINAL DEFENCE SOLICITORS MUST take their turn on rotas to be the "duty solicitor" at their local police stations. However, if you have a duty solicitor advise you he or she MUST refer the case to us if that is your wish.

We can also act in most other situations where you want advice during the investigation stage of a case whichever law enforcement agency is involved. E.g., the Department of Work and Pensions, local authorities, housing benefit agencies, HM Customs and Excise and so on.

CALL 01372 728941

To obtain an adviser from our firm you must ring 01372 728941 and for 24 hours there is in place a receptionist or out of hours service to deal with your call. Out of hours you may be referred to another emergency number to call - which we do not repeat here as it may change from time to time. If in doubt CALL 01372 728941.

The normal office opening hours at 7 Waterloo Road Epsom Surrey KT19 8AY will be Mondays to Fridays 9.00am to 5.30 pm. A lunch hour is usually taken between 1.00pm and 2.00pm but invariably a member of staff remains on the premises at this time and answers the door to the public, clients and services alike.

The telephone 01372 728941 is answered in the hours as above and outside those hours calls are intercepted by an answerphone that provides the number for emergency calls (clients then in custody). That number is then answered by a Voda Paging service that will relay text messages to the mobile phone of the solicitor on emergency duties and to the office email.

Disabled access is generally not possible due to the old construction of the office. Disabled persons are offered home visits or meetings at the disabled adapted court buildings with interview rooms.


We are able to provide full advocacy services at all stages of your cases before the lower court the Magistrates Court that deals with less serious crimes and the Crown Court where trials are held before judge and jury for serious crimes.  Our services include the full preparation of your case. Obtaining all the evidence to be used against you. Interviewing your witnesses and preparing your Defence Statement that in most cases must be served on the other side and the court. We instruct experts as required and can field our own expert advocates or others of your choice.

Most accused persons are eligible for legal aid in the Crown Court although you can be required to make a contribution which will not be returned if you are convicted. For cases concluded by the magistrates legal aid is subject to two tests. Firstly, the case must merit legal aid (i.e., be sufficiently complex or serious) and secondly, your financial means must be assessed.

You can download a spreadsheet attached below which will enable you to determine if you would be eligible for legal aid in the magistrates court. (Click on the down arrow at the bottom left of page). If in doubt we suggest you call us for an appointment. You can also access ths calculator and the legal aid application forms via our LEGAL AID page

If you are not eligible for legal aid and must pay for your representation you can view our scale of fixed fees which are a guide to our charges. Click HERE for our charges.

Usually, we are able to offer a free initial consultation if you have been charged and wish to consider if we can represent you.

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