Are you looking for Supervisor?

Whether you are a trainee student counsellor starting out on your journey and looking for a supervisor who can offer you guidance and support throughout the developmental throughout the development stages and challenges that you are likely to encounter on your counselling journey.

Or perhaps you are a newly qualified or experienced counsellor requiring an experienced and knowledgeable supervisor to work alongside you with your often complex and demanding client caseloads.

It is my intention to offer you a safe, nurturing environment to enable you the supervisee, to develop and enhance your skills knowledge and confidence over time. It is my aim as your supervisor to remain grounded, calm, approachable, non-judgemental and to work in collaboration with trainee and qualified counsellors alike, by providing a supportive environment to meet your individual requirements.

I am committed to providing you with a respectful professional service, which encourages you the supervisee to bring any issue or concern to supervision so that we are able to work through these together and make informed decisions, whilst adhering to the BACP Ethical Framework.

As an Accredited Counsellor with BACP I work within the ‘Ethical Framework for Counsellors’ and the BACP Guidelines for Online Counselling and Psychotherapy. I have the fullest commitment to offering a service which is welcoming to all backgrounds in a supportive and non-discriminatory manner. I ensure that I attend regular CPD to enable me to keep updated with current research and improve and enhance my knowledge base and skills, so that I am able to share these with you.

How it works

I offer a free no obligations 30 minute session for you to meet me and see where the supervision will take place. This can be conducted either face to face, by video link or by telephone.

This gives you the opportunity to discuss what your requirements are and ask any questions. We will be able to discuss which model of supervision you would require and consider how we can work together to achieve this.

If we both feel that we wish to work together then we will jointly set up a contract to cover all of the relevant points, in preparation for the first supervision or therapy session.

My experience

I completed my counselling training in 2007, working with young people aged from eleven to twenty-five years. On qualifying as an Integrative counsellor in 2008 and a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist (CBT) in 2009 I was offered employment and continued counselling young people for twelve years, this included working as a school counsellor for three years.

In addition I was a voluntary counsellor with the Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (RASAC) in North Wales for two years, with adults. I have undertaken extensive trauma training on how the body holds onto trauma to offer clients a degree of psycho education on how and why the body and brain connect and respond, in relation to traumatic events.

Over the years I have worked with clients across all age ranges, from seven years up to, and beyond retirement. This alongside my social worker posts in the Community Adult Mental Health Team and working in the Child Protection and Family Team has given me a wealth of experience and a working knowledge in relation to clients who have experienced mental/emotional health, drugs, alcohol, self-harm, suicidal idealisation, low self-esteem, low mood, bereavement, loss and grief, domestic/physical violence, emotional harm, family dynamics, relationship problems, depression, anxiety, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, identity sexuality, rape and childhood sexual abuse and homelessness.

In 2014 I completed an Accredited Advanced Diploma in Counselling Supervision, with the University of Gloucester. I continue to supervise both qualified and trainee counsellors embarking on their counselling training journeys, from an assortment of placements organisations and private practices.

In the same year 2014 I was awarded Personal Accreditation from the governing body British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, (BACP) having successfully completed the rigorous process to achieve the standards required. The BACP state that “Accreditation is not for the newly qualified practitioner. It is a quality standard for the mature, experienced practitioner who wishes to demonstrate their knowledge, experience and understanding of what they do and why”.

My role has included clinical supervision for group work with an organisation in Wrexham, and the post of clinical supervisor for three years with RASAC. I have facilitated training programmes for organisations such as Macmillan and the Cancer Trust, along with in house training to the Moneypenny organisation. Alongside providing training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Continuous Personal Development on a assortment of topics from legislation through to trauma.

On leaving my role as a social worker in 2015 I was ready for a new challenge so I created Linda Gwatkin Counselling Services to offer counselling, supervision and personal therapy, via online, telephone and face to face counselling from my private practice.

At the same time, I was invited to establish and run a school counselling service within a high school in the Cheshire area, offering counselling to students and staff members. This service is in its fifth year and continues to flourish and grow. I have been able to take on a voluntary counsellor and offer workshops and presentations to all year groups on training days. My group work relating to the management of anxiety and exam stress, has been so successful that the training has now been offered to parents as a psycho educative programme.

In 2017 I qualified as a Couple and Relationship Therapist and enjoy working with couples on their relationship and sexual issues from my private practice.

In 2019 I was successful with a tender bid and secured a two-year Local Authority Contract supervising primary and high school counsellors within the county.

In 2020 I completed 80 hours of CPD in Online Telephone and Counselling, I am therefore able to supervise counsellors and trainee counsellors who offer counselling sessions using online video or telephone counselling.

If you would like to read more about my training and experience as a therapist, please refer to my Qualifications and Training section.


Supervision Fees

Supervision rates;- Qualified counsellors £50 per hour.

Organisational supervision;- from £60 per hour.

Student reduced rates for students who are in training; £40 per hour

Student personal therapy while in training;- £40 per 50 minutes.