"After a family member pointed out that I may be suffering with post-natal depression I decided to seek help. I read through Linda's website and got in contact, the 1/2 hour free consultation is a really good idea even though I was anxious about meeting with Linda I needn't have worried Linda put my mind at ease straight away''.

I found Linda to be very professional and such a warm, kind hearted person. I felt comfortable and at ease with Linda straight away and found it very easy to open up, without feeling ashamed or embarrassed about how I was feeling. With Linda’s help I was able to recognise triggers and how to cope with them, after a short space of time I noticed a difference and even though I no longer see Linda I would definitely go back if I had any further problems. I would and do recommend Linda."

"For the last number of years I have been struggling with OCD and intrusive thoughts. I always felt embarrassed and ashamed but I knew that I had to tackle my issues head on and so I sought the professional expertise of Linda. I was very nervous about delving into the unknown, what if I couldn't be helped? But from our very first phone call I knew that she could help me''.

Our meetings are in a relaxed, safe environment which help me to open up about my issues, which is something I never thought I would be able to do.

Whenever I feel that my anxiety levels are at a high Linda manages to ground me and give me a better understanding of why I am feeling this way. As soon as the session is over, I immediately feel a huge weight has been lifted and that's thanks to Linda''.

It's an ongoing battle, but with Linda's help and support I know that I will be able to live a happy, positive and worry free life and be the person that I should be. Thank you for your help and support. Linda'' immediately made me feel that I shouldn't be ashamed."

"Earlier this year I needed the professional services of Linda Gwatkin. I was in a bad place, mentally, and facing a potential nervous breakdown. After only six or seven sessions, I was a completely different person (for the better I may add).

My first meeting with Linda, was a brief one, to identify if she could help me, and for me to know that she could be of benefit to me. This in itself, gave me confidence in Linda. My confidence was further increased as the meetings were held in a pleasant, relaxed environment. Linda has a very warm personality and is so easy to speak to. She had the ability to allow me to talk freely about my problems. By the second meeting, I was freely speaking about all aspects of my life. From this, Linda was able to identify which of my attitudes and thoughts I needed to address to overcome my depression. She gave me the tools to allow me to change my attitudes and approaches to life.

As I said earlier, I am now a different person to the one I was when I first met Linda. My attitude to life, is far more positive and I

am again enjoying life. I can only thank Linda for the way she has turned my life around. If I were to find myself in a position to need Linda’s services again, I would not hesitate to contact her."

"Linda is a fantastic lady and helped me get through one of the most difficult stages in my life. She is very professional and compassionate but most of all she really does care. Linda is very easy to talk to and is very likable. We clicked the first time I spoke to her on the phone so you can imagine what we were like when we actually met! After every session I left with a smile on my face and rarely worried for the rest of the week. I would highly recommend Linda to anybody in a heartbeat and I wouldn’t think twice of using her again if I needed the service in the future. Thanks Linda for all your hard work and support!"

"I have suffered depressive episodes since childhood and first experienced talking therapies in my teens. I have sought support throughout my adulthood when things have been tough for me and recently, following the break up of a difficult relationship I was introduced to Linda.

I have found that Linda makes me feel completely at ease to discuss my thoughts and feelings and she has offered me concrete, easy to apply strategies to help change my thought processes. Linda works at my pace and we work on issues that I choose and are affecting me in the here and now. She listens easily and makes sense of my unprocessed ramblings, helping me to understand and manage my thoughts and actions to relieve the depression.

I would happily recommend Linda to any person struggling with their mental health and am confident that she would offer the best support out there."

"In late 2015, I got diagnosed with anxiety from my Doctor and I was told to go to group therapy. I knew this was the wrong decision for me so I came across Linda whilst searching online. Her profile stood out a mile to me, I emailed her and had a lovely and welcoming response within an hour. I didn’t feel the need to look elsewhere or to trial another counsellor, Linda just made me feel so welcome and at ease from the very first session. She is truly the nicest person I have ever met and does genuinely care, not just during the sessions. My outlook on life has completely changed for the better, due to the patience, kindness and understanding from Linda''.

I would highly recommend Linda, I wouldn’t be the person who I am today without her care, amazing advice and support. Thank you for everything Linda, I really can’t express the positive difference you have made in my life… I am now 100% the person I should be''.

"I first approached Linda after years of suffering low self-esteem and depression. I’d just become a father to twins and was struggling to form a bond with my son. Thanks to Linda’s help, patience and understanding, I was able to confront my past and address deeply imbedded issues that I thought I’d never be able to resolve, and I’m now able to enjoy a healthy father-son relationship. This has been life changing for me, and I’ll forever be grateful for the help she’s given me''.

“I was nervous about meeting Linda as I’d had a negative experience with my initial counsellor, but I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed in Linda’s company and she is very easy to talk to. She let me speak freely but also challenges my thoughts in a positive way. We got through a lot during our sessions and I am so much more positive now and I have her to thank. She’s so intelligent and allowed me to see things in a way I couldn’t on my own. I have seen a fair few counsellors and she is the only one I would go back to''.

"Having struggled with anxiety and depression for the past 6 years, I reached breaking point and decided to seek professional help outside of the NHS. After contacting Linda, she replied to me very promptly and helped to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. From the very first meeting, Linda was warm and understanding of the extreme duress I was under, as taking that first step to seek help is a major obstacle to overcome.''

She is a very affable person and aims to make you as comfortable as possible in what can be an uncomfortable situation. The environment was a huge factor as I felt safe. The work goes at whichever pace you wish to set. If more you commit to doing the work, the more you will benefit from it. I started off skeptical and believing I was “unsaveable” but by committing myself to the work we carried out I have been able to do things my anxiety had prevented me from doing in years.''

The biggest compliment I can give to Linda is to say how she has completely changed my mindset from being completely negative to finding the positives. She has helped me accept that I am an anxious person and some things make me anxious but by grounding myself and using the tools and techniques she has instilled upon me, I am becoming less restricted by my anxiety.

Linda made this process a very positive one and the growth I have made as a result of it has been phenomenal. If struggling with anxiety I would urge you to get in contact with Linda and give it a try; I did, and I am in a much better place because."

"I had a few counselling sessions with Linda when I was feeling low and depressed. Linda was very approachable and friendly and I felt I could easily open up to her and let her know how I was feeling at the time. She gave me sound, positive advice and really helped me through a tough time.''