Hello and a very warm welcome to my website

My name is Linda Gwatkin and I am an experienced and Accredited Counsellor with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP).

I am trained as :-

An Integrative Counsellor.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapist (CBT)

Couples and Psycho Sexual Therapist

Online and Telephone Certified

and a Counselling Supervisor.

I offer counselling and supervision either face to face, in discreet quiet premises in the village of Banger-on-Dee, LL13 0JA.

Alternatively I offer counselling by telephone or video link, it's all about what you prefer and feel comfortable doing.

It's a range of services that I have provided for several years, helping others to find the solutions they need to the problems we all encounter throughout our lives. From personal or relationship issues or life challenges to workplace scenarios and managing stress. I have helped countless people to take charge of their lives and overcome the obstacles they may find in their way.

How does it work?

The way that I work is that I listen to your story, ask questions and try to understand what life means for you. My aim is to try to get a picture of what you feel like in your body, in your life and in your interactions with others. I believe that feeling heard and seen is incredibly healing and that there is immense benefit in having a space where we can regroup and repair.

I recognise it can be difficult to talk about personal and sensitive issues, however I am trained to listen to you and offer you a professional, discreet and confidential service to enable you to explore and process your thoughts in your own time.

Perhaps you been feeling overwhelmed, confused, anxious, numb or distressed. Maybe your thoughts and feelings seem unclear? Counselling offers you the opportunity to talk through these sensitive issues and gain a better understanding of what is happening to you and find positive solutions to help you achieve and maintain improved emotional well-being.

I pride myself on providing a professional, non-judgemental service that respects my clients dignity and individuality, and which allows me to adapt my approach to meet your individual needs, and empower you to make the changes you hope for.

Being offered the opportunity to work with you is something I take very seriously in terms of privacy, confidentiality, punctuality, reliability, clinical supervision, focus and respect.

If you feel after looking at my website that you would like to meet me to find out if I might be someone you could talk to, then please do contact me to arrange a free, no obligations 15 minute Introductory Consultation. This can be completed either over the telephone or by a video link. We will be able to discuss what your concerns are, how we will work together and I will also be able to answer any questions that you may have.

You may contact me by email on the contacts page or by telephone 07709935424, both email and telephone messages are confidential and only seen by me.

Getting started

If you decide to begin therapy with me, albeit by telephone, video link or face to face sessions we will arrange a day and confirm a time for our first therapy session. Prior to your first appointment, I will email you my privacy policy, terms and conditions and consent/ contract for you to sign and return before our first appointment.

Appointments are for 50 minutes for individual clients unless you request a longer appointment and either 1 hour or 1.5 hours for couples. Five minutes before the end of the session we will usually begin to wind down and discuss any homework ideas or practical arrangements for the following week.

We usually agree to work together for initially 4 to 6 sessions, usually on a weekly or fortnightly basis and then take some time to evaluate and assess whether our work together is moving in the direction you would like. I would recommend that we block book your sessions in advance to ensure you have the day and time that you prefer.